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People's Liberation Army Navy

North Sea Fleet

Headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, patrols the Bohai Bay and the Yellow Sea. Its flagship is DDG Harbin.

North Sea Fleet Major bases: Qingdao (HQ), Huludao, Jianggezhuang, Guzhen Bay, Lushun, Xiaopingdao. Minor bases: Weihai Wei, Qingshan, Luda, Lianyungang, Ling Shan, Ta Ku Shan, Changshandao, Liuzhuang, Dayuanjiadun, Dalian

East Sea Fleet

Headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, patrols the East China Sea, which is called the Eastern Sea in Chinese. Its flagship is J302 Chongmingdao.

East Sea Fleet Major bases: Ningbo (HQ), Zhoushan, Shanghai, Daxie, Fujian. Minor bases: Zhenjiangguan, Wusong, Xinxiang, Wenzhou, Sanduao, Xiamen, Xingxiang, Quandou, Wen Zhou SE, Wuhan, Dinghai, Jiaotou

South Sea Fleet

Headquartered in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, patrols the South China Sea, or the South Sea in Chinese. Its flagship is AOR/AK Nanchang.

South Sea Fleet Major bases: Zhanjiang (HQ), Yulin, Huangfu, Hong Kong, Guangzhou (Canton). Minor bases: Haikou, Shantou, Humen, Kuanchuang, Tsun, Kuan Chung, Mawai[disambiguation needed], Beihai, Ping Tan, San Chou Shih, Tang-Chiah Huan, Longmen[disambiguation needed], Bailong, Dongcun, Baimajing, Xiachuandao, Yuchi

PLAN Submarines



Fortress Fleet

As these ships traveled together as a task force at least for the purposes for a photo operation; it could be a good starting point to build a hypothetical PLAN carrier battle group.



People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force

People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force - Order of Battle, 2012


The authorized strength for a Fighter regiment is believed to 24 aircraft and 40 pilots, while for a bomber or transport regiment it is believed to be 18 aircraft and 30 crewmembers.

Direct-reporting units

Equipped with transport aircraft, this unit report directly to the PLAN Headquarter.

Unit Base Aircraft
2nd Independent Regiment Liangxiangzhen An-26, Y-7, Y-8C, Yak-42

North Sea Fleet

Unit Base Aircraft
2nd Naval Aviation Division Laiyang
4th Air Regiment (AEW) Laiyang Y-8J, Y-8JB, Y-8W
5th Air Regiment Qingdao-Licang Sa.321Ja, Z-8H, Z-9C, Y-5
5th Air Regiment (Det) Qingdao-Tuandao SH-5
6th Air Regiment (EW) Tuchgenzi Y-8X, Y-8JB
5th Naval Aviation Division Yantai-Laishan
13th Air Regiment Shanhaiguan JH-7A
14th Air Regiment Yantai-Laishan JH-7A
15th Air Regiment Jiaozhou J-8F, JJ-6

East Sea Fleet

Unit Base Aircraft
4th Naval Aviation Division Ningbo-Zhuangqiao
10th Air Regiment Ningbo-Zhuangqiao Su-30MK2
11th Air Regiment Ningbo-Zhuangqiao Mi-8, Ka-28, Ka-31
12th Air Regiment Feidong J-10AH/SH
6th Naval Aviation Division Shangai-Dachang
16th Air Regiment Shangai-Dachang JH-7 (Mod)
17th Air Regiment Jiangsu Benniu H-6G
18th Air Regiment Yiwu JH-7 (Block 2)
Reconnaissance Dadui Luqiao BZK-005 UAV

South Sea Fleet

Unit Base Aircraft
8th Naval Aviation Division Jalaishi
22nd Air Regiment Jalaishi J-11BH-BSH
23rd Air Regiment Guiping-Mengxu H-6DU/G
24th Air Regiment Jialaishi J-7EH, JJ-7
9th Naval Aviation Division Liangshui
25th Air Regiment Lingshui J-8F, JJ-6
26th Air Regiment Sanya Y-7Z, Z-8, Z-8J, Z-8S, Z-9C
27th Air Regiment Ledong JH-7A


Rupprecht A. & Cooper T. (2012), "Modern Chinese Warplanes: Combat Aircraft and Units of the Chinese Air Force and Naval Aviation", Casemate Publishers, ISBN: 978-0-9854554-0-8.

PLA Second Artillery Corps

Type Missiles Estimated Range
Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles
DF-5A (CSS-4 Mod 2) ICBM 20 13,000+ km 20x SSM Silo (DF-5A)
DF-31A (CSS-10 Mod 2) road-mobile ICBM 24 11,200+ km 6x SSM Bn (DF-31A)
DF-31 (CSS-10) road-mobile ICBM 12 7,200+ km 3x SSM Bn (DF-31)
DF-4 (CSS-3) ICBM 10 5,500 km 10x SSM Silo (DF-4)
Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles
DF-3A (CSS-2 Mod) IRBM 8 3,000+ km 2x SSN Bn (DF-3A)
Medium Range Ballistic Missiles
DF-21C (CSS-5 Mod 3) road-mobile MRBM 36 1,750+ km 9x SSN Bn (DF-21C)
DF-21 (CSS-5) road-mobile MRBM 80 1,750+ km 20x SSN Bn (DF-21A)
Short Range Ballistic Missiles
DF-15 (CSS-6) road-mobile SRBM 96 600 km 24x SSM Bn (DF-15) (Conventional)
DF-11A (CSS-7 Mod 2) road-mobile SRBM 108 300 km 27x SSM (DF-11A) (Conventional)
Land Attack Cruise Missiles
DH-10 LACM 54 3,000+ km
Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
JL-1 SLBM 12 1,770+ km Warheads for 1x Type 092 Xia
JL-2 SLBM 24 7,200+ km Subs for 5x, Warheads for 2x Type 094 Jin
Total 478

Base 51 (Shenyang, Liaoning)

806th Missile Brigade (DF-31A ICBM)

810th Missile Brigade (DF-3A MRBM)

816th Missile Brigade (DF-15 SRBM)

822nd Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

Base 52 (Qimen, Anhui)

807th Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

811th Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

815th Missile Brigade (DF-15 SRBM)

817th Missile Brigade (DF-15 SRBM)

818th Missile Brigade (DF-15 SRBM)

819th Missile Brigade (DF-15 SRBM)

820th Missile Brigade (DF-15 SRBM)

Base 53 (Kunming, Yunnan)

802nd Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

808th Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

821st Missile Brigade (CJ-10 LACM)

Base 54 (Luoyang, Henan)

801st Missile Brigade (DF-5 ICBM)

804th Missile Brigade (DF-5 ICBM)

813th Missile Brigade (DF-31A ICBM)

Base 55 (Huaihua, Hunan)

803rd Missile Brigade (DF-5 ICBM)

805th Missile Brigade (DF-4 IRBM)

814th Missile Brigade (DF-4 IRBM)

824th Missile Brigade (DF-4 IRBM)

Base 56 (Xining, Qinghai)

809th Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

812th Missile Brigade (DF-31A MRBM)

823rd Missile Brigade (DF-21 MRBM)

Base 22 (Baoji, Shaanxi) – Nuclear warhead storage



People's Liberation Army Air Force - Aviation Branch - Order of Battle, 2012


The PLAAF is organised in six branches:

  • Aviation (Hankongbing)
  • Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Gaoshepaobing)
  • Surface-to-Air Missiles (Dikong daodanbing)
  • Radar Troops (Leidabing)
  • Airborne Units (Kongjiangbing)
  • Communication Troops (Tongxinbing)

This page provides an insight into the organisation and structure of the Aviation Branch, and its elements operating combat and combat support aircraft. Please note that Flying Schools have been omitted.

Structured along PLA lines, the Aviation Branch is organised into seven Military Region Air Force (MRAF) mirroring the PLA's Military Regions.


Each MRAF exercises control over its subordinated units via Command Posts (CP).

MRAF Command Posts
Shenyang Changchun, Dalian
Beijing Datong, Tangshan
Lanzhou Hetian (or Hotan), Ürümqi and Xi'ian
Nanjing Fuzhou, Shangai, Zhangzhou
Guangzhou Nanning, Wuhan
Jinan No CP
Chengdu Kunming, Lhasa

Each CP controls a number of subordinated ground-based units, including SAM brigades and regiments, AAA regiments, radar, communications and other support units, as well as several Air Divisions (ADs).

In standard PLAAF terminology, the Aviation branch is usually described as consisting of the following type of units:

  • Fighter (Jianjiji)
  • Ground attack (Qiangjiji)
  • Bomber (Hongzhaji)
  • Transport (Yunshuji)
  • Reconnaissance (Zhenchaji)

Generally, the PLAAF's AD are specialized in their tasks and each usually control 2 or 3 Air Regiments (ARs) equipped with the same type of aircraft or at least with the same role and purpose. Usually, each AR occupies its own air base and thus is broadly equivalent to a US Air Force Wing. It is further subdivided into two or three Fight Groups operating between 8 and 10 aircraft. At the lowest rung of the PLAAF's chain of command are Flying Squadrons controlling between 2 and 4 aircraft.

The authorized strength for a Fighter or a Ground-Attack regiment is 24 aircraft and 40 pilots, while for a bomber or transport regiment it is 18 aircraft and 30 crewmembers.

Direct-reporting units

Essentially equipped with transport aircraft, these units report directly to the PLA and the PLAAF Headquarters.

Unit Base Aircraft Remarks
15th Airborne Army Xiaogan HQ; Formerly 15th Airborne Corps
43rd Airborne Division Kaifeng uses aircraft of the Kaifeng-based 37th Regiment
44th Airborne Division
  • 6th Transport Regiment
  • Helicopter Dadui
  • Y-5, Y-7, Y-8
  • Z-9WA
  • Established 3 July 2011
45th Airborne Division
  •  ?? Transport Regiment
  • Helicopter Dadui
  • Y-5, Y-7
  • Z8KA, Z-9WE
  • Formerly based at Huangpi
34th Transport Division Shahe HQ; VIP Transportation
100th Air Regiment (det) Shahe Y-7, EC225, AS.332L-1 Helicopter and light transport detachment
100th Air Regiment Xiqiao CRJ200, CRJ700, 737
101st Air Regiment Xingtai-Shahe Y-7, Y-7G
102nd Air Regiment Beijing-Nanyuan Tu-154M, Tu-154MD, 737-3Q8, Learjet 35A CUA Regiment (?) reports directly to HQAF
Strategic UAV Scout Force Shahe BZK-005, BZK-009 Operational

Shenyang MRAF

Shenyang MR
Unit Base Aircraft
1st Fighter Division Anshan
1st Air Regiment Anshan J-11B/BS
2nd Air Regiment Chifeng J-10A/AS
3rd Air Regiment Anshan J-8F/JJ-7A
11th Ground-Attack Division Siping
31st Air Regiment Siping JH-7A
32nd Air Regiment Dalian Sanshilipu Q-5
33rd Air Regiment Anshan Q-5/Q-5J
16th Specialized Division Shenyang Yu Hung Tun
46th Air Regiment (Reco) Shenyang Yu Hung Tun JZ-8F, JZ-6, JJ-7A
47th Air Regiment (EW) Shenyang Yu Hung Tun Y-8C, Y-8CB, Y-8G
48th Air Regiment (EW) Shenyang Yu Hung Tun Y-7-100
21st Fighter Division Qiqihar
61st Air Regiment Yanji/Chaoyangchuan J-7E, JJ-7A
62nd Air Regiment Qiqihar J-8DH/H/F, JJ-7A
63rd Air Regiment Mudanjiang-Hailang J-7H, JJ-7A
Dalian Base Dandong
88th Brigade Dandong J-7E
89th Brigade Pulandian J-11B/BS
90th Brigade Wafangdian Q-5D, Q-5J
91st Brigade Liuhe J-7B
Shenyang MR Liaison Unit
Independent Transport Regiment Shenyang-Dongta Y-5, Y-7

Beijing MRAF

Shenyang MR
Unit Base Aircraft
7th Fighter Division Zhangjiakou
19th Air Regiment Zhangjiakou J-11B/Su-27SK/UBK
20th Air Regiment Tangshan J-7B/J-7A
21st Air Regiment yangging Yongning J-7B/J-7A
15th Ground-Attack Division Datong-Huaireng
43rd Air Regiment Datong-Huairen J-10A/AS
44th Air Regiment Hohhot-Bikeqi J-7G,JJ-7A
45th Air Regiment Qizhou-Dingxian Q-5B/C/L/J
24th Fighter Division Tianjin Yangcun
Ba Yi (1 August) Tianjin Yangcun J-10AY/SY
70th Air Regiment Zunhua J-7G,JJ-7A
71st Air Regiment
72nd Air Regiment Tianjin Tangcun J-10A/AS
Beijing MR Liaison Unit
Independent Transport Regiment Shahe Y-5, Y-7
Flight Test and Training Center (FTTC) Cangzhou-Cangxian
1st FTTC Regiment Gucheng J-10A/AS, JL-9
2nd FTTC Regiment Cangzhou-Cangxian J-7E, J-8D/F, JL-9
3rd FTTC Regiment Cangzhou-Cangxian Su-30MKK

Lanzhou MRAF

Unit Base Aircraft
6th Fighter Division Yinchuan
16th Air Regiment Yinchuan J-11B
17th Air Regiment Jiuquan J-7B
18th Air Regiment Lintaog J-7H
36th Bomber Division Lintong
106th Aerial Survey Regiment Hanzhong Chenggu Y-8H
107th Air Regiment Lintong H-6H
108th Air Regiment Wugong H-6M
Air Force Test Regiment Dingxin Various
China Flight Test Establishment Xi'an Yanliang Various
Ürümqi Base Ürümqi
109th Brigade Changju J-8F
109th Brigade Wulumuqi J-7B
109th Brigade Korla Xinhiang J-11B
Unknown Brigade Malan JH-7A
Lanzhou MR Liaison Unit
Independent Transport Regiment Lanzhou Y-7

- Air Force Test Regiment is often called Special Missile Testing Unit (SMTU).
- The 107th Air Regiment have a nuclear deterrent role.

Nanjing MRAF

Unit Base Aircraft
3rd Fighter Division Wuhu
7th Air Regiment Wuhu J-7E
8th Air Regiment Changxing J-10A
9th Air Regiment Wuhu Su-30MKK
10th Bomber Division Anqing
28th Air Regiment Anqing North H-6H
29th Air Regiment Nanjing Dajiaochang H-6H
30th EW Regiment Nanjing Dajiaochang Y-8G
14th Fighter Division Nanchang Xiangtang
40th Air Regiment Nanchang Xiangtang J-11A
41st Air Regiment Wuyishan J-11B
42nd Air Regiment Zhangshu J-7E
26th Special Mission Division Wuxi Shuofang
76th EW Regiment Wuxi Shuofang Y-8W, KJ-2000
77th Air Regiment Nanjing Daiiaochang Y-7H
78th SAR Regiment Nanjing Tushan Z-8K
28th Ground-Attack Division Hangzhou Jinqiao
82nd Air Regiment Hangzhou Jinqiao Q-5D
83rd Air Regiment Hangzhou Jinqiao JH-7A
84th Air Regiment Jiaxing JH-7A
Shanghai Base Quzhou
78th Brigade Shanghai Chongming J-8F
85th Brigade Quzhou Su-30MKK
86th Brigade Rugao J-7E
93rd Brigade Suzhou JZ-8F
Unmanned Attack Brigade
1st Dadui Liancheng Longyan Guanzhi J-6 drone
2nd Dadui Yangtang Li J-6 drone
3rd Dadui Wuyishan J-6 drone
4th Dadui Ji-an Taihe Liancheng J-6 drone
5th Dadui Fuzhou J-6 drone

Guangzhou MRAF

Unit Base Aircraft
2nd Fighter Division Suixi
4th Air Regiment Foshan J-8D, JJ-7A
5th Air Regiment Guilin J-10A/AS
6th Air Regiment Suixi Su-27SK/UBK, J-11A
8th Bomber Division Leiyang
22nd Air Regiment Shaodong H-6H
23rd Air Regiment Leiyang H-6H, HU-6
24th Air Regiment Leiyang H-6K
9th Fighter Division Shantou NE
25th Air Regiment Shaoguang J-7EH
26th Air Regiment Huizhou-Huiyang J-10A/AS
27th Air Regiment Shantou NE J-7B
13th Transport Division Wuhan-Paozhuwan
37th Air Regiment Kaifeng Y-8C
38th Air Regiment Wuhan-Yangluo Y-7, An-26
39th Air Regiment Dangyang Il-76MD
18th Fighter Division Changsha
52nd Air Regiment Wuhan-Shanpo J-7B
53rd Air Regiment Laohekou J-7B, JJ-7A
54th Air Regiment Changsha Su-30MKK
Hong Kong Garrison Hong Kong/Shek Kong Z-9B/WH, Z-8KH
Nanning Base Nanning Wuxu
124th Brigade Bose Tianyang J-7H
125th Brigade Nanning-Wuxu J-7H
126th Brigade Liuzhou J-7H
Unknown Brigade  ?  ?

Jinan MRAF

The smallest of the seven major PLAAF organisations and the least well known. It is not know to have any official CP within its structure, and its purpose is somewhat unclear: some sources even indicate that teh forces assigned to it are considered a strategic reserve.

Unit Base Aircraft
5th Ground-Attack Division Weifang-Weixian
13th Air Regiment Weifang-Weixian Q-5D/L/J
14th Air Regiment Zhuzheng Q-5C/L
15th Air Regiment Weifang-Weixian JH-7A
12th Fighter Division Jinan
34th Air Regiment Wendeng H-6H
35th Air Regiment Gaomi J-8II
36th Air Regiment Jinan J-7B
19th Fighter Division Jining
55th Air Regiment Jining J-11, Su-27SK/UBK
56th Air Regiment Zengzhou J-7B
57th Air Regiment Shangqiu J-7B
Jinan MR Liaison Unit Jinan
Independent Transport Regiment Jinan Y-5, Y-7
Independent Transport Regiment Jinan Z-9, Mi-171

Chengdu MRAF

Unit Base Aircraft
4th Transport Division Qionglai
10th Air Regiment Guiyang/Leizhuang Y-8C, Y-9
10th Air Regiment (det) Qionglai Y-7H
11th Air Regiment Luzhou Y-7
12th Air Regiment Qionglai Mi-17v5, Y-7, An-26
33rd Fighter Division Chaongqing Shashiyi
97th Air Regiment Dazu J-7E, JJ-7A
98th Air Regiment Chaongqing Shashiyi J-11, Su-27UBK
44th Fighter Division Mengzi
130th Air Regiment Mengzi J-7EH
131st Air Regiment Luliang J-10A/AS
132nd Air Regiment Luliang J-7B
Chengdu MR Liaison Unit
Independent Transport Regiment Chengdu Y-5, Y-7, Z-9, Mi-171


Rupprecht A. & Cooper T. (2012), "Modern Chinese Warplanes: Combat Aircraft and Units of the Chinese Air Force and Naval Aviation", Casemate Publishers, ISBN: 978-0-9854554-0-8.