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Royal Navy

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy & Royal Fleet Auxiliary in 2015 consist of the following warships:

  • 1 Ocean-class helicopter carrier (Ocean)
  • 2 Albion-class amphibious transport dock (Albion, Bulwark)
  • 3 Bay-class landing ship dock (Lyme Bay, Mounts Bay, Cardigan Bay)

  • 6 Daring-class destroyer (Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender, Duncan)
  • 13 Duke-class frigate (Argyll, Lancaster, Iron Duke, Monmouth, Montrose, Westminster, Northumberland, Richmond, Somerset, Sutherland, Kent, Portland, St Albans)

  • 4 River-class offshore patrol vessel (Tyne, Severn, Mersey, Clyde)
  • 16 Archer-class patrol vessel (Archer, Biter, Smiter, Pursuer, Blazer, Dasher, Puncher, Charger, Ranger, Trumpeter, Express, Example, Explorer, Exploit, Tracker, Raider)
  • 2 Scimitar-class patrol vessel (Scimitar, Sabre)

  • 8 Hunt-class mine countermeasure vessels (Ledbury, Cattistock, Brocklesby, Middleton, Chiddingfold, Atherstone, Hurworth, Quorn)
  • 7 Sandown-class minehunter (Penzance, Pembroke, Grimsby, Bangor, Ramsey, Blyth, Shoreham)

The international prefix for Royal Navy ships is HMS (Her/His Majesty's Ship). Ships in RFA service carry the prefix RFA, standing for Royal Fleet Auxiliary.


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