Singapore OOB 2008

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Singapore Armed Forces

Republic of Singapore Navy


Changi Naval Base

171 Squadron

Conqueror Class Submarines(Ne. Sjoormen class)

RSS Challenger

RSS Conqueror

RSS Centurion

RSS Chieftain

185 Squadron

Formidable Class Frigates(Fr. La Fayette class)

RSS Formidable

RSS Intrepid

RSS Steadfast

RSS Tenacious

191 Squadron

Endurance Class Amphibious Transports (Sing. Endurance class)

RSS Endurance

RSS Resolution

RSS Persistence

RSS Endeavour

Tuas Naval Base

188 Squadron

Victory Class Corvettes (Sing. Victory class)

RSS Victory

RSS Valour

RSS Vigilance

RSS Valiant

RSS Vigour

RSS Vengeance

182/189 Squadron

Fearless Class Patrol Vessels (Sing. Fearless class)

RSS Fearless

RSS Brave

RSS Gallant

RSS Daring

RSS Dauntless

RSS Resilience

RSS Unity

RSS Sovereignty

RSS Justice

RSS Freedom

RSS Independence

194 Squadron

Bedock Class Mine Countermeasures Vessels (Swe. Landsort class)

RSS Bedok

RSS Kallang

RSS Katong

RSS Punggol

Maritime Security Task Force

Naval Diving Unit

Naval Logistics Command

Maritime Training and Doctrine Command

Republic of Singapore Air Force

Singapore Army

3 Div

6 Div

9 Div

21 Div

25 Div

People's Defence Forces