Reference Points

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Reference Points are key to the advanced missioncreating features of Command. They can be used to track contacts, plot out patrol paths, designate target areas and spell your name in big letters.

Manipulating a Reference Point

A reference point can be created by holding the Ctrl button and right clicking the map, then selecting Add Reference Point from the context menu.

The reference point can be selected or unselected by clicking on it, or by dragging the selection box over it. It can be moved by clicking and dragging it.

A reference Point can be LOCKed or UNLOCKed from the Missions + Ref Points menu in the toolbar. LOCKing a Reference Point will mean that it cannot be moved by clicking and dragging it, till it is UNLOCKed.

Additionally, a Reference Point can be positioned relative to another unit, on either a Fixed or Rotating bearing.