Patrol Missions

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  • AAW (Anti-Air Warfare) Patrol

AAW patrols are used to keep the patrol area free of enemy aircraft. Units assigned to an AAW patrol(almost always aircraft) will pick a random point in the patrol area and fly to it on the 'loiter' setting. When the plane arrives at the waypoint it will select a new one and repeat the process. When a hostile plane enters the patrol area all units assigned to the mission will get a targeting vector on the aircraft and move to intercept. A standard AAW patrol will default to active radars.

  • ASuW (Anti-surface warfare)Patrol (Naval)

ASuW(N) patrols are used to keep the patrol area free of enemy surface ships. Submarines, surface ships, and planes with an appropriate loadout can be added to an AsuW(N) patrol. Any hostile vessel entering the patrol area will be engaged with ASM's, torpedoes and/or naval gunfire(if appropriate).

  • AsuW Patrol (Ground)

This mission functions similar to ASuW(N) mission, with the major difference being this mission applies to land targets. Units assigned to this mission will loiter over the patrol area and engage any hostile ground units that enter.

  • ASuW Patrol (Mixed)

A combination of ASuW(N) and ASuW(G) patrols

  • ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) Patrol

ASW patrols are used to hunt and destroy enemy submarines. Units assigned to this mission will drop sonarbuoys(if available) and use sonar to locate submerged contacts. Upon locating a contact the unit will gain a targeting vector and launch torpedoes at the contact, repeating until the target is lost, destroyed, or the attacking unit(s) expends all its munitions.

  • SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) Mission

SEAD missions are used to clear a path for potential strikes. ARM equipped aircraft will hunt and destroy emitting radars and bomb SAM/AAA sites. Surface ships will launch ASM's on the same targets. Well defended targets may require multiple SEAD strikes.

  • Sea Control Mission

A Sea Control mission combines the ASuW(N) and ASW missions. This mission is used to turn a piece of ocean into a no go zone for any hostile units. Surface ships assigned to this mission will engage any surface ship and submarine that strays into the area.