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REDFOR Untraceable Cash
Date Transaction Amount Balance
Initial Balance 100,000,000$ 100,000,000$
REDFOR Traceable Cash
Date Transaction Amount Balance
Initial Balance 10,000,000,000$ 10,000,000,000$
4x Il-78 Midas to Indonesia 140,000,000$ 9,860,000,000$

North Korea

Korean People's Army Air Force Logistics
Location Munitions
  • Air to Air missiles
    • 900x PL-2b [AA-2a]
    • 900x PL-2a [AA-2a]
    • 1000x AA-11 Archer [R-73]
    • 500x AA-10 Alamo A [R-27R, MR SARH]
    • 500x AA-7 Apex C [R-24R, SARH]
    • 700x AA-8 Aphid [R-60TM]
    • 800x AA-2a Atoll [R-3S]
  • Rockets
    • 3200x 90mm Rocket
    • 4000x 57mm Rocket
    • 800x S-24B 240mm Rocket
    • 10000x S-5K 57mm Rocket
    • 1000x S-8KO 80mm Rocket
  • Bombs
    • 10000x 500kg GPB
    • 10000x 250kg GPB
    • 4000x FAB-250M-54 GPB
    • 3000x FAB-500M-54 GPB
    • 900x OFAB-100-120 Frag
    • 800x OFAB-250-270 Frag
    • 450x RBK-250 PTAB-2.5 CM [30 x Anti-Tank Bomblets]
    • 450x RBK-500 PTAB-1M CB [268 x Anti-Tank Bomblets]
    • 400x RBK-500 ZAB-2.5SM [117 x Incendiary]
  • ATGM
    • 200x AT-2 Swatter B [9M17M Skorpion-M]
  • Mines
    • 1000x Generic Mine [Bottom, Acoustic Broad-Band Fuze]
  • Torpedoes
    • 100x Yu-2 [Gyro, Straight-Runner, RAT-52]
    • 100x AT-1M [NATO E45-75A]
  • Depth Charges
    • 1000x PLAB-250 Depth Charge