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This is the Objectives Page for BLUFOR, and is maintained by the Admins. Please don't edit things that you think shouldn't be edited.

Distribution Statement D - CLASSIFIED SECRET - Distribution is authorised to Joint Task Force (JTF) components only. Other requests for this document shall be referred to Blu3wolf.

Warning - This document contains data whose existence is denied by law. display of this data is subject to severe disintegration. Disseminate in accordance with provisions of AFI-61-204.

HANDLING AND DESTRUCTION NOTICE - Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.


  • BLUFOR has harder objectives than REDFOR mainly because BLUFOR is militarily superior.
  • NATO forces unlock after Article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty is invoked. Forces deployed in Iraq are available at a cost.
  • Nuclear weapons use must be within Kahn's Escalation Ladder parameters. It is unknown to BLUFOR if REDFOR is constrained or not.
  • On April 1st 2009 the scores are tallied and the winner is declared.
    • These are 'phase I' objectives. Depending on how the game goes there might be a 'phase II', after the 'phase I' winner is declared.

Ultimate Objective

  • Good sportsmanship, play nice, don't fight the umpires and admins, be nice to other people.

Primary Objectives

Determine who REDFOR is and eliminate them

Find Them And Destroy Them Objective
Points Requirement
500 Discover REDFOR's location
25 each Destroy REDFOR high value location (50+ to be discovered)

Prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Asia

No Nuke For You Objective
Points Requirement
-100 each Asian nation performs nuclear test for the first time
-100 each Asian nation performs nuclear TBM test for the first time
-100 each Asian nation performs nuclear ICBM test for the first time
10 per warhead Confiscation of nuclear warhead into BLUFOR custody
-100 base + -10 per warhead Nuclear weapons use (by anyone)
-50 per attack Chemical weapons use (by anyone)
-50 per attack Biological weapons use (by anyone)
-100 each Million dead (for any reason)

Secondary Objectives

Maintain force levels worldwide

Minimize Use of Assets Objective
Points Requirement
-variable each Redeploy otherwise occupied unit to direct BLUFOR Command
-variable each Additional cost for redeploying units from Iraq/Afghanistan

Kill or Capture REDFOR Players

Find Them And Destroy Them Objective
Points Requirement
15 each Capture a REDFOR player character alive, points distributed at end of game
5 each Kill a REDFOR player character

Complete objectives assigned by political leadership

Do What I Tell You Objective
Points Requirement
Variable Complete Objective

Sink Ships

Tonnage Count Objective
Points Requirement
100 Sink an enemy Carrier
75 Sink an enemy Submarine
50 Sink an enemy Cruiser
25 Sink an enemy Destroyer
20 Sink an enemy Frigate/Corvette
15 Sink a type of military vessel not listed above
10 Sink an enemy Auxiliary Ship

Score Tally

  • Score = 0 Baloogan 07:42, 2 January 2014 (PST)