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People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force

People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force - Order of Battle, 2012


The authorized strength for a Fighter regiment is believed to 24 aircraft and 40 pilots, while for a bomber or transport regiment it is believed to be 18 aircraft and 30 crewmembers.

Direct-reporting units

Equipped with transport aircraft, this unit report directly to the PLAN Headquarter.

Unit Base Aircraft
2nd Independent Regiment Liangxiangzhen An-26, Y-7, Y-8C, Yak-42

North Sea Fleet

Unit Base Aircraft
2nd Naval Aviation Division Laiyang
4th Air Regiment (AEW) Laiyang Y-8J, Y-8JB, Y-8W
5th Air Regiment Qingdao-Licang Sa.321Ja, Z-8H, Z-9C, Y-5
5th Air Regiment (Det) Qingdao-Tuandao SH-5
6th Air Regiment (EW) Tuchgenzi Y-8X, Y-8JB
5th Naval Aviation Division Yantai-Laishan
13th Air Regiment Shanhaiguan JH-7A
14th Air Regiment Yantai-Laishan JH-7A
15th Air Regiment Jiaozhou J-8F, JJ-6

East Sea Fleet

Unit Base Aircraft
4th Naval Aviation Division Ningbo-Zhuangqiao
10th Air Regiment Ningbo-Zhuangqiao Su-30MK2
11th Air Regiment Ningbo-Zhuangqiao Mi-8, Ka-28, Ka-31
12th Air Regiment Feidong J-10AH/SH
6th Naval Aviation Division Shangai-Dachang
16th Air Regiment Shangai-Dachang JH-7 (Mod)
17th Air Regiment Jiangsu Benniu H-6G
18th Air Regiment Yiwu JH-7 (Block 2)
Reconnaissance Dadui Luqiao BZK-005 UAV

South Sea Fleet

Unit Base Aircraft
8th Naval Aviation Division Jalaishi
22nd Air Regiment Jalaishi J-11BH-BSH
23rd Air Regiment Guiping-Mengxu H-6DU/G
24th Air Regiment Jialaishi J-7EH, JJ-7
9th Naval Aviation Division Liangshui
25th Air Regiment Lingshui J-8F, JJ-6
26th Air Regiment Sanya Y-7Z, Z-8, Z-8J, Z-8S, Z-9C
27th Air Regiment Ledong JH-7A


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