United States OOB 1976

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US 6th Fleet (Mediterranean)

2 x CV/CVN with ~85-A/C each;
18-19 x surface combatants/escorts (cruisers/destroyers)
4-7 x amphibious warfare ships with at least 1 MEU and associated helos
5-7 x AOR/AOE/AK
1 x LRMP Squadron with P3 Orion
Indeterminate number of SSN
Indeterminate number of SSBN

A typical CVAG is given as:

24 x F-14
24 x A7
13 x A-6
6 x EA-6
4 x E-2C
10 x S-3
8 x SH-3D
1 x C-1

The assessed "routine" strength of the Soviet forces in the Med was typically:

8-10 x torpedo armed SSK
2-3 x SSG or SSGN
2-4 x cruisers (apparently the Sverdlov's were frequent visitors)
9-12 x "destroyers/frigates"
1-3 x amphibious ships
18-20 auxiliaries/minesweepers
5-6 AGI/survey or research ships.