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National Security Agency

D Office of the Director

  • Support (D)
  • Director’s Operations Group (D01)
  • Director’s Secretariat (D05)
  • Office of Protocol (D07)
  • Homeland Security Support Office (D08)
  • Inspector General (D1)
  • General Counsel (D2)
  • Corporate Assessments Office (D5)
  • Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (D6)
  • Deputy Chief, Central Security Service (CSS) (D7)
  • NSA Office of Military Personnel (D7P)
  • Community ELINT Management Office (D8)
  • Senior Acquisition Executive (DA)
  • Corporate Strategy (DB)
  • Director’s Chief of Staff (DC)

National Security Operations Center (NSOC)

  • is the NSA's current operations center and focal point for time-sensitive SIGINT reporting for the United States SIGINT System (USSS). This center was established in 1968 as the National SIGINT Watch Center (NSWC) and renamed into National SIGINT Operations Center (NSOC) in 1973. This "nerve center of the NSA" got its current name in 1996.[84]

NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC)

  • is the primary NSA/CSS partner for Department of Homeland Security response to cyber incidents. The NTOC establishes real-time network awareness and threat characterization capabilities to forecast, alert, and attribute malicious activity and enable the coordination of Computer Network Operations. The NTOC was established in 2004 as a joint Information Assurance and Signals Intelligence project.[85]

F Field

  • CSG US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) (F1CA)
  • Life Cycle Logistics (F1CD)
  • Technical Services Group (F1CD1)
  • Chief, Joint Interagency Task Force South (F1I2)
  • Deputy Chief, CSG CENTCOM (F1Z2)
  • NSA/CSS Europe (F2)
  • Support to Military Operations for AFRICOM (F204)
  • European Cryptologic Center (F22)
  • NCER Mons, Belgium (F23)
  • Chief, Military Operations Branch (F411)
  • Meade Operations Center (MOC) (F74)
  • Special Operations Readiness Cell ?
  • Deployments & Training Division (F741)
  • Commander, RAF Menwith Hill (F77F)
  • F79
  • F91 Extended Enterprise Manager
  • F91 Senior Military Liaison, National SIGINT Analysis Prod
  • Commander, NSA/CSS Georgia (FGD)
  • Director, Signals Intelligence Directorate, NSA/CSS Georgia (FGS)
  • Deputy Director, Collection Operations Requirements & Strategies, SID (FGS1)
  • Transnational Issues Group (FGS3)
  • Director, Signals Intelligence Directorate, NSA/CSS Hawaii (FHS)
  • Commander, NSA/CSS Texas (FT)
  • Director, Signals Intelligence Directorate, NSA/CSS Texas (FTS)
  • NSA/CSS Texas Tailored Access Operations (FTS32)

G Image Intelligence Directorate

I Information Assurance Directorate

  • Cyber Integration (IC)
  • Engagement (IE)
  • Trusted Engineering Solutions (I2)
  • Architecture (I21)
  • Engineering (I22)
  • National Nuclear Command Capabilities (NC2) Mission Manager (I2N)
  • IA Operations (I3)
  • Current Operations (I31)
  • Remote & Deployed Operations (I33)
  • Fusion, Analysis, and Mitigations (I4)

J Cryptologic Directorate

L Installation and Logistics

M Human Resources

Q Security and Counter Intelligence

R Research Directorate

  • Math Research (R1)
  • Trusted Systems Research (R2)
  • Lab for Physical Sciences (LPS) (R3)
  • Lab for Telecom Sciences (LTS) (R4)
  • Center for Advanced Study of Languages (R05)
  • Computer and Information Sciences (R6)
  • Special Access Research (RX)

S Signals Intelligence Directorate

  • SID Staff (SO)
  • Deputy for Integrated Planning (S01)
  • Deputy for Communications and Support Operations (S02)
  • Associate Deputy Director for SIGINT & Electronic Warfare (SE)
  • Special FISA Oversight and Processing (SV4)

S1 Enterprise Engagement and Mission Management (E2M2)

  • Senior S1 Representative to NSOC
  • Electromagnetic Space Program Management Office (S1E)
  • Plans & Exercises Division (S1P)
  • Military Operations Branch (S31091)

S2 Analysis and Production Centers

  • Senior Operations Coordinator (S21)
  • S2A South Asia Product Line
  • S2B China and Korea Product Line
  • S2C International Security
  • S2D Foreign Counterintelligence Product Line
  • S2E Middle East/Asia Product Line
  • S2F International Crime & Narcotics Product Line
  • S2G Combating Proliferation & Arms Control Product Line
  • S2H Russia Product Line (aka Russian Production Center)
  • S2I Counter-terrorism Product Line
  • S2J Weapons and Space Product Line
  • S2T Current Threats

S3 Directorate of Data Acquisition

  • S31 Office of Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services (CES)
  • Signals Survey and Analysis Division
  • Technical Exploitation Center (TEC)
  • Protocol Exploitation (S3132)
  • S316 Office
  • Special Deployments Division (S3161)
  • Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) (S32)
    • hacks into foreign computers to conduct cyber-espionage and reportedly is "the largest and arguably the most important component of the NSA's huge Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) Directorate, consisting of over 1,000 military and civilian computer hackers, intelligence analysts, targeting specialists, computer hardware and software designers, and electrical engineers."[78]
  • Remote Operations Center (S321)
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Operational Readiness Division (ORD)
  • Interactive Operations Division (IOD)
  • Production Operations Division (POD)
  • Access Operations Division (AOD)
  • Data Network Technologies (S323)
  • Telecommunications Network Technologies (S324)
  • Mission Infrastructure Technologies (S325)
  • Requirements & Targeting (S327)
  • Access Technologies Operations (S328)
  • Network Warfare Team (NWT), TAO liaison for the U.S. military.
  • Office of Link Access (aka Link Access Group?)
  • Special Source Operations Division (SSO) (S332)
    • is responsible for domestic and compartmented collection programs, like for example the PRISM program.[79] Special Source Operations is also mentioned in connection to the FAIRVIEW collection program.[80]
  • Processing Systems Engineering and Integration Sector (S33223)
  • Target Strategies and Mission Integration (TSMI) (S34)
  • Combined Military Planning Acc/Director (S342)
  • Geographical Regions (S3422)
  • Technical Services (S3423)
  • Targeting and Mission Management (S343)
  • Office of Global Access Operations (GAO) (S35)
    • is responsible for intercepts from satellites and other international SIGINT platforms.[79] A tool which details and maps the information collected by this unit is code-named Boundless Informant.
  • ISR Portfolio Management Office (S35P)
  • Technical Integration Division (S35P2)
  • Capabilities Integration Division (S35P3)
  • Deputy Chief of Operations OTRS (S3520)
  • Special Deployments (MUSKETEER) (S3521)
  • PRINTAURA (S3532) manages the TRAFFICTHIEF database
  • Overhead Collection Management Center (OCMC)
  • CROSSHAIR Network Management Center (CNMC)
  • Signals Survey and Analysis Division

T Technical Directorate

  • Enterprise Systems Engineering and Architecture (TE)
  • Information and Systems Security (TS)
  • Independent Test and Evaluation (TT)
  • Mission Capabilities (T1)
  • SCISSORS (T132) manages PINWALE database
  • Deployment & Infrastructure (T163)
  • Business Capabilities (T2)
  • Enterprise IT Services (T3)
  • Transport Field Services (T33221)
  • Global Enterprise Command Center (T332)
  • National Signals Processing Center (T334)
  • Deployable Communications Operations (T335)
  • High Performance Computing (T5)
  • Technical SIGINT & Ground Capabilities (T6)

Directorate for Education and Training

Directorate for Corporate Leadership

Foreign Affairs Directorate

  • acts as liaison with foreign intelligence services, counter-intelligence centers and the UKUSA-partners.

Acquisitions and Procurement Directorate