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ROYAL THAI ARMED FORCES HYPOTHETICAL OOB, 2017 Based on data from wikipedia, Scramble, Thai government and news websites. OOB - compiled by BrassEm 11:00, 27 February 2014 (PST)

The Royal Thai Armed Forces (กองทัพไทย) is the name of the military of the Kingdom of Thailand. It consists of the following branches:

  • Royal Thai Army (กองทัพบกไทย)
  • Royal Thai Navy (กองทัพเรือไทย, ราชนาวีไทย)
  • Royal Thai Marine Corps (นาวิกโยธินไทย)
  • Royal Thai Air Force (กองทัพอากาศไทย)


The Royal Thai Navy (กองทัพเรือ) is the navy of Thailand and part of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. It operates in three Naval Area Commands:

  • First Naval Area Command: responsible for the Northern part of Gulf of Thailand
  • Second Naval Area Command: responsible for the Southern part of Gulf of Thailand
  • Third Naval Area Command: responsible for the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean)



In 2013, the Royal Thai Navy planned to complete the construction of a submarine

squadron headquarters and training centre in 2014. 3x Attack submarines are

planned over the next 10 years. (20 ton?)

... Class Attack Subamarine

  • HTMS ...
  • HTMS ...


Fixed wing operations ceased in 2006. Rotary wing operations only.

Chakri Naruebet Class Air Craft Carrier

  • HTMS Chakri Naruebet
(CV 911)

DW3000F (Gwanggaeto) Class Multi Role Stealth Frigate


Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided missile frigate

(FFG 46)
(FFG 48)

Knox Class Guided missile frigate

  • HTMS Phutthayotfa Chulalok
(FFG 461)
  • HTMS Phutthaloetla Naphalai
(FFG 462)

Type 025T Class Guided missile frigate (Upgraded)

  • HTMS Naresuan
(FFG 421)
  • HTMS Taksin
(FFG 422)

Type 053HT Class Guided missile frigate (Modernised)

  • HTMS Chao Phraya
(FFG 455)
  • HTMS Bangpakong
(FFG 456)
  • HTMS Kraburi
(FFG 457)
  • HTMS Saiburi
(FFG 458)

PFMM Mk.16 Class Guided missile Corvette (Upgraded)

  • HTMS Rattanakosin
(FS 441)
  • HTMS Sukhothai
(FS 442)

PF-103 Class ASW Corvette

  • HTMS Tapi
(FF 431)
  • HTMS Khirirat
(FF 432)

Province Class ASW Corvette

  • HTMS Khamronsin
(FS 531)
  • HTMS Tayanchon
(FS 532)
  • HTMS Long Lom
(FS 533)


River Class Offshore patrol vessel

  • HTMS Krabi
(OPV 551)

Pattani Class Offshore patrol vessel

  • HTMS Pattani
(OPV 511)
  • HTMS Narathiwat
(OPV 512)

Makut Rajakumarn Class Offshore patrol vessel

  • HTMS Makut Rajakumarn
(FF 433)

Hua Hin Class Patrol Boat

  • HTMS Hua Hin
(PC 541)
  • HTMS Klang
(PC 542)
  • HTMS Sriracha
(PC 543)

PSMM Mk.5 Class Patrol Boat

  • HTMS Sattahip
(PC 521)
  • HTMS Klongyai
(PC 522)
  • HTMS Takbai
(PC 523)
  • HTMS Kangtang
(PC 524)
  • HTMS Thepa
(PC 525)
  • HTMS Theai Mueang
(PC 526)

Tor 991 Class Patrol Boat (Modernised Tor 91)

  • HTMS Tor 991
  • HTMS Tor 992
  • HTMS Tor 993

Tor 994 Class Patrol Boat

  • HTMS Tor 994 (T.994)
  • HTMS Tor 995 (T.995)
  • HTMS Tor 996 (T.996)

M58 Class Patrol Boat

  • HTMS ...

M85 Class Patrol Boat

  • HTMS ...

Patrol Class Patrol Boat

  • HTMS ...
  • HTMS ...
  • HTMS ...

BMB-230 Class Fast Attack Craft (Missile)

  • HTMS Ratcharit
(FAC 321)
  • HTMS Vitiyakom
(FAC 322)
  • HTMS U-domdej
(FAC 323)

FPB-45 Class Fast Attack Craft (Missile)

  • HTMS Prabbrorapak
(FAC 311)
  • HTMS Hanhak Sudtru
(FAC 312)
  • HTMS Soo Pirin
(FAC 313)

MV400 Class Class Fast Attack Craft

  • HTMS Chonburi
(FAC 331)
  • HTMS Songkla
(FAC 332)
  • HTMS Phuket
(FAC 333)


Cannon Class Training Ship

  • HTMS Pin Klao


MSC-289 Class Minesweeper coastal

  • HTMS Bankaeo(II)
(MSC 612)
  • HTMS Donjai
(MSC 613)

... Class Mine Countermeasures Support Ship

  • HTMS Thalang
(MSC 621)

M48 Class Minehunter coastal

  • HTMS Bangrajun(II)
(MHC 631)
  • HTMS Nong Sarai(II)
(MHC 632)

Gaeta Class Minehunter coastal

  • HTMS Ladya(lll)
(MHC 633)
  • HTMS Ta Dindang(lll)
(MHC 634)


Endurance Class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) HTMS Angthong

(LPD 791)

'Normed PS 700 Class Landing ship tank (LST)

  • HTMS Sichang
(LST 721)
  • HTMS Surin
(LST 722)

Landing Craft Utility[edit] Class Photo Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes

Marsun M55 Class Landing Craft Utility (LCU)

  • HTMS Mattaphon(ll) ::(LCU 784)
  • HTMS Ravi(ll)
(LCU 785)

Thongkaeo Class Landing Craft Utility (LCU)

  • HTMS Thongkaeo
(LCU 771)
  • HTMS Thonglang
(LCU 772)
  • HTMS Wangnok
(LCU 773)
  • HTMS Wangnai
(LCU 774)

Mannok Class Landing Craft Utility (LCU)

  • HTMS Mannok
(LCU 781)
  • HTMS Mannai
(LCU 782)
  • HTMS Manklang
(LCU 783)


Quiandaohu Class Replenishment ship

  • HTMS Similan
(AOR 871)

Jula Class Fuel ship

  • HTMS Jula(ll)
(YO 831)

YOG-5 Class Fuel ship

  • HTMS Samui(ll)
(YO 832)

Prong Class Fuel ship

  • HTMS Prong
(YO 833)

Proet Class Fuel ship

  • HTMS Proet
(YO 834)
  • HTMS Samed
(YO 835)

Chuang Class Fresh water ship

  • HTMS Chuang
(YO 841)
  • HTMS Chik
(YO 842)


Satahip Naval Air Station.


7x Dornier Do 228. Maritime Patrol Aircraft 5x Fokker F.27-200/400. Maritime Attack, ASW (Harpoon) 3x Lockheed P-3T/UP-3T. Maritime Patrol Aircraft, ASW 2x Canadair CL-215. SAR 5x GAF N.24A Nomad. Transport 2x Embraer ERJ-135LR. VIP 8x Bell 212. Transport 5x Bell S14ST. Transport, VIP 6x Sikorsky SH-70B Seahawk. ASW 5x Sikorsky S-76B.SAR, Transport 6x Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk. SAR, Transport 6x AgustaWestland Super Lynx 300. Maritime Attack 2x DTI RTN KSM 150. UAV


  • 1st Air Defence Regiment: Near Sattahip. Northern Gulf of Thailand
3x Anti-aircraft Battalions.
  • 2nd Air Defence Regiment: Songkhla. Southern Gulf of Thailand and Andaman


3x Anti-aircraft Battalions.
  • 1st Coastal Defence Regiment.
3x Artillery Battalions.
  • 2x Air Defence and Coastal Defence Command and Control Centers.
  • Air and Coastal Defence Supporting Regiment.
1x Transportation battalion.
1x Communication battalion.
1x Maintenance battalion.


QW-18 MANPADs. Modified PL-9 Surface-to-air missiles. Type 74, twin 37 mm Anti-aircraft Artillery Bofors 40L60 and 40L70 40 mm Anti-aircraft Artillery Type 59-I 130mm towed field artilleries GHN-45 towed howitzers 4/6x S-400 systems after 2013. AAA guns to be replace by BUK-M2E


  • Battalion Commando 619. Sattahip Naval Base.
12x BTR-3 APC
  • SEAL Teams One and Two.