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<syntaxhighlight lang="lua"> ScenEdit_SetEMCON(['Side' / 'Mission' / 'Group' / 'Unit'], ['Side Name or ID' / 'Mission Name or ID' / 'Group Name or ID' / 'Unit Name or ID'], ['Radar/Sonar/OECM=Active/Passive;' / 'Inherit'])

--Some usage examples:

ScenEdit_SetEMCON('Side', 'NATO', 'Radar=Active;Sonar=Passive') ScenEdit_SetEMCON('Mission', 'ASW Patrol #1', 'Inherit;Sonar=Active') --<<< This can be useful if you want to ensure a "blank slate" inherited from parent before applying a specific tweak ScenEdit_SetEMCON('Unit', 'Camel 2', 'OECM=Active')

--When changing any of the EMCON settings, you are breaking the EMCON inheritance of the side/mission/group/unit you are applying these changes to.