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<pie 3d title="This is a Pie Chart!" size=300x150 xlabel>
Defined,      34.2
In,      27.8
Wiki,        7.4
Code,      8.1
lol, 10
<lines size=270x120 title="Avg. Temp (°F)" ymin=0 ymax=80 colors=8AB800,F5B800 xlabel ylabel=4 grid=xy legend>J,30.4,71.2F,33.1,71.6M,38.3,69.1A,47.1,64.0M,56.3,57.2J,62.6,53.4J,65.5,51.3A,64.2,53.4S,57.7,57.0O,48.2,62.6N,39.0,65.8D,33.8,69.6</lines>

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