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A page for the discussion and planning of REDFOR political aims and objectives.

The Restoration of the Japanese Empire

This, honoured colleagues, is our highest goal.

On the civilian front, achieving this goal requires the implementation of our eightfold proposals for greater Japanese independence:

  • Rebuild Japan’s structure of government for decisive and responsible governance.
  • Fiscal, administrative, and political reform to make government “slim and flexible.”
  • Reform Japan’s bureaucracy to produce policy expertise that can work across government and private sectors.
  • Reinvigorate Japan’s educational system to make it world class.
  • Build a sustainable social welfare system that more effectively assists those who need it.
  • Craft an economic and employment policy, including tax reform, that instills hope for the future.
  • Diplomacy and defense: robust preparation for protecting Japan’s sovereignty, peace, and national interest.
  • Revise the occupation constitution and fundamentally redesign the government so that Japan can make decisions for itself.

No longer will we be the mistress of the United States!

Foreign Policy Stances


Korea, North & South



People's Republic of China

Our current position of servitude to US interests does not provide the greatest protection against our greatest threat: the burgeoning power of the Chinese. We cannot rely on the Americans to defend our interests, and thus a stronger, more robust civil and military stance is required. To do this, we must establish ourselves as a credible and pre-eminent power in the East Asian region. Conflict with the Chinese is therefore inevitable.



The Philipines

United States of America


Political Speeches, Memoranda, and Communiques

Please append and abide by relavent security clearances for the following material.