Japan OOB 2008

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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Self Defense Fleet

DDH #181 Hyuga (Launched by 2008, not commissioned until 2009)

Escort Flotilla 1 (Yokosuka)

Flagship: DDH #143 Shirane

Escort Squadron 1

DD #101 Murasame

DD #102 Harusame

DD #107 Ikazuchi

Escort Squadron 5

DD #110 Takanami

DD #111 Onami

Escort Squadron 41

DDG #171 Hatakaze

DDG #174 Kirishima

Escort Flotilla 2 (Sasebo)

Flagship: DDH #144 Kurama

Escort Squadron 2

DD #103 Yaduchi

DD #112 Makinami

DD #157 Sawagiri

Escort Squadron 6

DD #104 Kirisame

DD #109 Ariake

Escort Squadron 62

DDG #170 Sawakaze

DDG #173 Kongo

Escort Flotilla 3 (Maizuru)

Flagship: DDH #141 Haruna

Escort Squadron 3

DD #126 Hamayuki

DD #154 Amagiri

Escort Squadron 7

DD #153 Yugiri

DD #155 Hamagiri

DD #156 Setogiri

Escort Squadron 63

DDG #172 Shimakaze

DDG #175 Myoko

Escort Flotilla 4 (Kure)

Flagship: DDH #142 Hiei

Escort Squadron 4

DD #105 Inazuma

DD #106 Samidare

DD #108 Akebono

Escort Squadron 8

DD #113 Sazanami

DD #158 Umigiri

Escort Squadron 64

DDG #169 Asakaze

DDG #176 Chokai

Fleet Amphibious Forces

Landing Division 1

LST #4001 Osumi

LST #4002 Shimokita

LST #4003 Kunisaki

LCAC Division 1

LCAC #2101 1-go

LCAC #2102 2-go

LCAC #2103 3-go

LCAC #2104 4-go

LCAC #2105 5-go

LCAC #2106 6-go

Fleet Training Command

1st Replenishment Squadron

1st Transportation Squadron

Fleet Air Force

Fleet Air Wing 1 (P-3C UH-60J)

Fleet Squadron 1: P-3Cs & LC-90s

Fleet Squadron 7: P-3Cs

Maintenance and Supply Squadron 1

Air Station Kanoya: UH-90Js

Fleet Air Wing 2 (P-3C UH-60J)

Fleet Squadron 2: P-3Cs

Fleet Squadron 4: P-3Cs

Maintenance and Supply Squadron 2

Air Station Hachinohe: UH-90Js

Fleet Air Wing 4 (P-3C UH-60J)

Fleet Air Wing 5 (P-3C UH-60J)

Fleet Air Wing 21 (SH-60J/K)

Fleet Air Wing 22 (SH-60J)

Fleet Air Wing 31 (US-1A US-2 EP-3 OP-3C UP-3D LC-90 U-36A)

Fleet Squadron 51 (P-3C UP-3C/D OP-3 SH-60J/K OH-6DA)

Fleet Squadron 61 (YS-11M/MA LC-90)

Fleet Squadron 111 (MH-53E MCH-101 CH-101)

Fleet Submarine Force

Submarine Flotilla 1

Submarine Squadron 1

SS591 Michishio

SS593 Makishio

SS594 Isoschio

Submarine Squadron 3

SS585 Hayaschio

SS586 Arashio

SS588 Fuyushio

Submarine Squadron 5

SS583 Harushio

SS584 Natsuschio

SS596 Kuruschio

Submarine Flotilla 2

Submarine Squadron 2
Submarine Squadron 4

Submarine Training Command

Mine Warfare Force

Fleet Research & Development Command

Fleet Intelligence Command

Oceanographic Command

Air Training Command

Shimofusa Air Training Group (P-3C YS-11TA UH-60J)

Tokushima Air Training Group (TC-90 UC-90 UH-60J)

Ozuki Air Training Group (T-5 UH-60J)

Maritime Material Command

Ship Supply Depot

Air Supply Depot

Yokosuka District Force

Kure District Force

Sasebo District Force

Maizuru District Force

Ominato District Force

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Air Defense Command: Yokota AB, Fussa, Tokyo

Northern Air Defense Force: Misawa, Aomori

2nd Air Wing (Chitose Air Base: 201SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4; 203SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)

3rd Air Wing (Misawa Air Base: 3SQ, F-2A/B T-4; 8SQ, F-2A/B, T-4)

Northern Aircraft Control & Warning Wing

3rd Air Defense Missile Group

6th Air Defense Missile Group

Central Air Defense Force: Iruma, Saitama

6th Air Wing (Komatsu Air Base: 303SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4; 306SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)

7th Air Wing (Hyakuri Air Base: 302SQ, F-4EJ-Kai, T-4; 305SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)

Middle Aircraft Control & Warning Wing

1st Air Defense Missile Group

4th Air Defense Missile Group

Iwo Jima Air Base Group

Western Air Defense Force: Kasuga, Fukuoka

5th Air Wing (Nyutabaru Air Base: 301SQ, F-4EJ-Kai, T-4)

8th Air Wing (Tsuiki Air Base: 304SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4; 6SQ, F-2A/B, T-4)

Western Aircraft Control & Warning Wing

2nd Air Defense Missile Group

Southwestern Composite Air Division: Naha, Okinawa

83d Air Wing (Naha Air Base: 204SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)

Southwestern Aircraft Control & Warning Group

5th Air Defense Missile Group

Airborne Early Warning Group: Misawa Air Base(E-2C), Hamamatsu Air Base(E-767)

Tactical Reconnaissance Group: Hyakuri Air Base(RF-4E, RF-4EJ)

Tactical Fighter Training Group: Nyutabaru Air Base(F-15DJ/J, T-4)

Air Defense Missile Training Group: Hamamatsu, Chitose

Air Defense Command Headquarters Flight Group (Iruma Air Base: U-4, YS-11EA,YS-11EB, T-4, EC-1)

Air Support Command: Fuchu, Tokyo

Air Rescue Wing (UH-60J, U-125A, CH-47J, KV-107)

1st Tactical Airlift Wing (Komaki Air Base: 401SQ, C-130H; 404SQ, KC-767J)

2nd Tactical Airlift Wing (Iruma Air Base: 402SQ, C-1, U-4)

3rd Tactical Airlift Wing (Miho Air Base: 403SQ, C-1,YS-11NT/P; 41SQ, T-400)

Air Traffic Control Service Group

Air Weather Service Group

Flight Check Squadron (Iruma Air Base: U-125,YS-11FC)

Special Airlift Group (Chitose Air Base: B747-47C [ Nippon-koku seifu sen'yōki ])

Air Training Command: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

1st Air Wing (Hamamatsu Air Base: 31SQ, T-4; 32SQ, T-4)

4th Air Wing (Matsushima Air Base: 21SQ, F-2B; 11SQ, T-4 Blue Impulse)

11th Flying Training Wing (Shizuhama Air Base: 1SQ, T-7; 2SQ, T-7)

12th Flying Training Wing (Hofu kita Air Base: 1SQ, T-7; 2SQ, T-7)

13th Flying Training Wing (Ashiya Air Base: 1SQ, T-4; 2SQ, T-4)

Air Basic Training Wing

Flying Training Squadron (Nyutabaru Air Base: F-15DJ/J,T-4)

Air Training Aids Group

Air Officer Candidate School

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Technical School

Air Development and Test Command: Iruma Air Base, Saitama

Air Development and Test Wing (Gifu Air Base: F-15J/DJ, F-2A/B, C-1FTB, F-4EJ, F-4EJ-kai, T-7, T-4)

Electronics Development and Test Group

Aeromedical Laboratory

Air Material Command: Jujou, Tokyo

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Air Depot