Greece Navy OOB 2015

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Polemiko Naftiko

Hellenic Navy (Polemikó Naftikó)

The Fleet in 2015 consist of the following warships:

  • 4 Hydra-class frigate (Hydra, Spetsai, Psara, Salamis)
  • 9 Elli-class frigate (Elli, Limnos, Kountouriotis, Adrias, Aigaion, Navarinon, Kanaris, Themistocles, Nikiforos Fokas)

The international prefix for Hellenic Navy ships is HS (Hellenic Ship).


Hellenic Navy in 2015 by D-Mitch.
"List of Acronyms Preceding the Name of a Ship" Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots.
Hellenic Navy Official Website.