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  • Make it so the Import Wizard can import to an already existing Formation
  • Make it so the Error pop-up windows appears 'on top' of all current windows.
  • Make it so the middle mouse button opens the formation window when clicking an already existing formation
  • Make it so there is a DB setting for home port/base in OOB
  • Make it so you can save window arrangements and load them again
  • Add a 'move to' option in the right click menu
  • Make it so you can select multiple units for click and drag purposes

Another Arbitrary Section

  • Make it so Arbitrary New Sections are okay.
  • Make it so you can order Formations and Task Forces as you choose.
  • Make it so you can search the OOB with a searching bar instead of manually.
  • Make it so you can add hyperlinks to Formations as a subordinate unit.
  • Make it so the upload window includes a progress bar when uploading units.