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"Fair Warning"


After multiple deliberations, it has been decided that the United States Airforce will bring important Department of Defense personnel to Singapore. Thanks to the "United States-Singapore Anti-Piracy Treaty" (USSAPT), the United States will move the essential DoD personnel over to Singapore to train the Republic of Singapore Air Force and Army in anti-piracy after multiple attacks on shipping in the Straits of Malacca. President George W. Bush believes that this treaty will "Perform fair-warning to those who wish to do evil against civilians" and allow the United States Navy to slowly ease off anti-piracy operations in the Asian theater. Taking part in this simple transport operation is the 133d Airlift Wing, and a small support contingency of F-22 Raptor fighter jets to ensure that the aircraft can make a safe departure and landing. Grumblings were had by the Peoples Republic of China, whose front office said that they wish they too, would have been consulted on the matter. However, the Chinese front office released a statement saying that "Although we wish the United States would've taken into consideration our interests, we will be happy for cooperation in this effort to remove piracy from the international waters". A send-off party for the Department of Defense employees will be held at six 'o clock central time at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago's central district.

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