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The Kennan Plan

The Kennan plan aims to "contain" the USA and it's allies out of the South China Sea by using Indonesia as a "wall" to avoid any Australian or US intervention in the region. This plan is inspired by a mixed US cold war doctrine and the Japanese plan for the region during WWII


Phase One

Operation ???

1)Invasion of East Timor by our corporate assets will be the serve the purpose of bringing Indonesia tou our cause and give us command over their forces and grant us access their bases. We might even get Australia to foolishly try to intervene and ambush the fighters they send...

2)The incapacitation of the Northern Australian force will be acchieved by destroying it's northern military facilities (ports,Air Bases and Radars sites). By doing so will as "contain" Australia in it's own borders. And avoid them challenging us over the Indonesian islands. This can be achieved with a very reasonable amount of forces but a great deal of preparation and presicion. As we will have to strike all the our targets simultaneously.

3)To ensure that we also have eyes in the Indian ocean we will aswell need to seize both Cocos-Keeling and Christmass islands and post the adequate equipement there to monitor any activities in the area and on the Australian west coast.

Operation ???

The Invasion of Singapore by Indonesian (+ Vietnamese ??)force will give us total control over the Malacca straight and seal the south china sea to any forces in the Indian ocean therefore complete our southern defensive line. But we must be carefull Singapore as a strong military !

Phase two


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