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New Post

Behold, a private page for us to discuss future REDFOR plans and operations!

Gentlemen, I hereby propose to launch the discussion about how to fulfill our master plan to dominate and free the pacific from the United States and their puppets.

As we only dispose of limited Non Japanese assets we MUST determine very carefully how and where we will use them.

Our ultimate goal being the total removal and annihilation of the occupational forces on our glorious homeland. I propose we first of all decide what our objectives are for the "plot" section so that we can dispatch the necessary amount of forces and prepare plans for the upcoming battles. I invite everybody to express their opinion on the matter on this page (forum style discussion and remember to sign your post), so that we may put it to a group decision. --GreatTop 15:21, 22 January 2014 (PST)

I think we should have our NK generals on our payroll convince the NK leadership to test multiple Nuclear Weapons tests win a very short period of time. We should then launch a propaganda campaign to vilify the NK in Japan. As the general population is scared of NK we push for the US to establish an ABM network in Japan. Boom we just got ourselves an ABM network. It is unlikely we lose nothing by attempting it. Low-risk High-Reward type of operation. Awesomesauce47 08:27, 24 January 2014 (PST)

Awsomesauce to me your idea is great, and it will help keeping Japan's cover ! But we must be carreful with nukes, we don't have a lot of those and we also need to distribute them to other countries in order to bring them to our cause (Taiwan & Vietnam). Now other idea, what about using our coporate assets, to invade and occupy east timor, we can afterwards move our AA on in Indonesia and East Timor, it might be the solution to keep RAAF in check and bring one more country on our side... --GreatTop 02:32, 27 January 2014 (PST)

I see what you are saying, but we wont use any of are own nukes, we will use NK nukes that they have. Also I don't think we have nukes in our possession at the beginning of the game. Awesomesauce47 06:58, 27 January 2014 (PST)

I just checked and we have two nukes from the start which might not be enough to bring either Taiwan or Vietnam to our cause. But we can produce four more per month... So we have to use NK nukes for the tests ! Now regarding a very important matter, we have to plan something to dammage the Panama canal, causing all US fleets in the Atlantic a huge delay if they are sent in reinforcement. And will also probably dammage their economy...--GreatTop 12:48, 27 January 2014 (PST)

I just had something of an idea regarding the nukes.

Gentlemen, I propose that we bomb Pearl Habour:

Stage I

An Air Koryo Il-76 takes off from Pyongyang Sunan International, bound for Vladivostok with farming equipment (or so its manifest says). It is in fact carrying a nuclear warhead, armed and attached to a cargo pallet for parachute deployment.

As it flies out over the Sea of Japan, we engineer an incident where it is 'engaged' by Japanese fighters. According to the records on both sides, one thing leads to another and the fighters 'shoot down' the Il-76, causing a delightful international incident which we can play up on both sides. It would be even better if this occured during bad weather for plausible deniability. At any rate, North Korea uses it as a pretext for greater sabre-rattling and increases their operational readiness, tests some nukes, and Japan petitions the US for aid.

In reality, the Il-76 is allowed to fly on, across the Pacific, headed for Hawai'i. If there are some half-way stops along the way where we can stage it, that would be good, but I ran an initial rough test of this in Command, and I believe the Il-76 has the range for this journey non-stop. Once over Pearl Harbour, it releases its payload, destroying the port. If we catch major USN assets in the blast, so much the better. The loss of a vital strategic port is the key objective

Because of a lack of other potential ports close to North Korea, Japan offers the US Yokohama as a new homeport for its CVBG. Surely though this is the opposite of what we want? Hear me out.

Stage II

If the USN accepts our generous invitation, and parks her carrier in Yokohama, we then have another perfect opportunity to strike it whilst it is docked in port. A US CVBG is nigh-invincible at sea with her attendant AEGIS cruisers and destroyer squadron. In port, she is a sitting duck for whatever weapons we choose. An accidental torpedo release, a la the Clancy book? Or just a regular bomb? Either way, blame it on the NorKs.

If this works, we would have struck a telling first blow against the BLUFOR dogs. If we conduct this operation with simultaneous strikes on the Panama and Suez Canals, we effectively strangle the ability of the US and friends to fight us.

What do you guys think? Fox1 19:13, 3 February 2014 (PST)

Great Idea which we shall further devellop. --GreatTop 05:36, 5 February 2014 (PST)