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Behold, a private page for us to discuss future REDFOR plans and operations!

Gentlemen, I hereby propose to launch the discussion about how to fulfill our master plan to dominate and rid the pacific from the United States of and their puppets.

As we only dipose of limited Non japanese assets we MUST determine very carrefully how and where we will use them.

Our ultimate goal being the total removal and anihilation of the occuapationist forces on our glorious homeland. I propose we first of all decide which are the objectifs of the "plot" section we decide to focus on, so that we can dispatch the necessary amount of forces and prepare plans for the upcoming battles. I invite everybody to express his opinion on that matter on this page (forum style discussion and remember to sign your post), so that we may put it to group decision. --GreatTop 15:21, 22 January 2014 (PST)