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  1. Upload remaining RAAF and RAN bases and units.
    1. Fix Logistics page
  2. Upload US DoD forces in the pacific.
  3. Distribute allocated initial Logistics
  4. Give initial orders to units; either via this page or via Geoscape.
    • Examples of initial orders that do not go though Geoscape would be
      • Place DEVGRU Gold Squadron on SSN 21
      • Rebase Delta Squadron A to Seoul
      • Direct CIA's Intelligence Directorate for Asian Pacific, Latin American, and African Analysis to provide analysis on event XYZ
      • Direct NSA's Digital Warfare Directorate team F1 to attempt to tap all communications in the Royal Thai Armed Forces

Unit Commands

  • add ASIO and ASIS units to indonesian parliament for HUMINT
  • Check Asian Pacific, Latin American, and African Analysis resources in SE Asia region
  • deploy JTF 637 (1 RAN CTD, assorted Army and RAAF EOD, about 22 people) to OPERATION KIRIBATI ASSIST for EOD of UXO. [1]