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This is the Operational Brevity and Codewords page for Joint BLUFOR forces and should be checked frequently for important updates. Officers Commanding will refer you to this page if you are at risk of breaching OPSEC. To counter this electronic eavesdropping, and to improve and supplement OPSEC, specific brevity words will be used as necessary, and whenever directed. Any mention of Green Dragon which is incidental and not relevant to the discussion at hand is a directive to use chattermark procedures!

This is the Chattermark page for BLUFOR. Chattermark is operational brevity for "begin using briefed radio procedures to counter communications jamming". Names of pages can be seen by REDFOR ELINT agencies, and OPSEC must be maintained. Note especially that edit summaries can also be seen by dedicated REDFOR ELINT agencies!

Distribution Statement D - CLASSIFIED SECRET - Distribution is authorised to Joint Task Force (JTF) components only. Other requests for this document shall be referred to Blu3wolf.

Warning - This document contains data whose existence is denied by law. display of this data is subject to severe disintegration. Disseminate in accordance with provisions of AFI-61-204.

HANDLING AND DESTRUCTION NOTICE - Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.

Operational Brevity Code Words

This is the current list of Operational Brevity Code Words. These should be used to improve OPSEC, not replace it. Always use common sense!

Comms Plan
Brevity Word Code Word Meaning
Chattermark Green Smoke Prebriefed Comms words to counter Electronic Eavesdropping
Philosophy Green Bamboo MOTD Archives
Intel Green Dragon Intelligence Division
OCI Sun Tzu Head of Intelligence Division
OCBLUFOR Ho-Lu Officer Commanding, BLUFOR