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Crimean War Episodes: Operation Tiger Rifle
Video of scenario




Sevastopol Harbor

  • Ukraine U510 Slavutych and U209 Ternopil and one other blockaded
  • Russian minesweeper (912 Turbinist) and two ASW corvettes


  • Port of Donuzlav, Ukraine

  • 707 Ochakov scuttled


Ukrainian Ships Trapped

  • Corvette "Vinnitsa" U206
  • Sea trawler "Chernihiv "U310
  • Sea trawler "Cherkasy" U311
  • Raid minesweeper "Henichesk" U360
  • Medium landing ship "Kirovograd" U401
  • Large landing ship "Konstantin Olshansky" U402
  • Fire boat "Evpatoria" U728
  • Transport "Gorlivka" U753
  • Sea tug " Kovel "U831
  • countersabotage boat "Theodosia" U240
  • a torpedo-boat "Kherson" U891
  • Tow boat "Novoozernoe" U942

Ukrainian Air Force

Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (114th Tactical Aviation Brigade 32x MiG-29)

Myrhorod Air Base (831st Tactical Aviation Brigade 42x Su-27)

Starokostiantyniv Air Base (7th Tactical Aviation Brigade 28x Su-24M, 12x Su-24MR)

Vasylkiv Air Base (40th Tactical Aviation Brigade 16x MiG-29)

Mykolaiv Airbase (299th Tactical Aviation Brigade 36x Su-25 ; 28th Separate Mixed Aviation Squadron 8x Su-24M, 10x Su-25)


"Russian military have established control over the military airport at Kirovskoe in eastern Crimea, Reuters reported, citing Ukrainian military source quoted by Interfax."</ref><ref>http://www.notiziegeopolitiche.net/?p=38808 "Apart from the defensive positions, they would be occupying troops in Moscow Also the Black Sea ports and air bases, the last call to fall into the hands of Putin's army was the military airport of Kirovskoe in eastern Crimea, while the pro-Russian paramilitary troops already check from time to Belbek, in the extreme south of the peninsula, along with the international airport of Simferopol, the capital of the republic." </ref>

Ukrainian Naval Forces


  • 8x Mi-8 Hip
  • 7x An-26 Curl
  • 5x Mi-14 Haze
  • 6x Be-12 Mail
  • 16x Ka-29 Helix-B
  • 21x Ka-27 Helix



U130 Hetman Sahaydachniy


  • U310 Chernihiv - Natya class seagoing minesweeper
  • U311 Cherkasy - Natya class seagoing minesweeper
  • U330 Melitopol - Sonya class base minesweeper
  • U331 Mariupol - Sonya class base minesweeper
  • U136 Henichesk - Yevgenia class harbor minesweeper
  • U401 Kirovohrad - Polnocny-C class landing ship
  • U402 Kostiantyn Olshansky - Ropucha I class large landing ship
  • U500 Donbas - Amur class floating workshop (Project 304), now command sip
  • U510 Slavutych - Bambuk class (Project 1288.4 command ship) LAST SPOTTED Ukrainian ship Slavutich in Sevastopol harbor 8:30 AM PST 3/5/2014 Sevastopol Harbor 5:00 AM PST 3/6/2014
  • U511 Simferopol - Moma class small intelligence ship
  • U512 Pereyaslav - Muna class costal survey ship
  • U753 Horlivka - Yuniy Partizan class freighter (tanker)
  • U754 Dzhankoi - Katun I class firefighting ship
  • U756 Sudak - Boda class depot ship
  • U759 Bakhmach - Toplivo class tanker
  • U760 Fastiv - Toplivo class tanker

Ukrainian Ground Forces

Ukrainian Ground Forces Order of Battle

  • Western Operational Command
  • Southern Operational Command
  • Northern Territorial Directorate
  • Rocket Brigade
  • 36th Coastal Defense Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy (Southern Crimea)

6th Army Corps (Dnepropetrovsk)

  • 28th Mechanized Brigade (Chornomorske)
  • 55th Artillery Brigade
  • 11th Army Aviation Regiment
  • 73rd Engineer Regiment
  • 534th Combat Engineer Regiment
  • 107th Rocket Artillery Regiment
  • 1039th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 121st Signal Battalion
  • 150th Signal Battalion
  • 502nd Counter Intelligence Battalion

17th Guards Tank Brigade (Kryvyi Rih)

25th Airborne Brigade (Cherkaske)

  • 1st Parachute Landing Battalion
  • 2nd Parachute Landing Battalion
  • 3rd Parachute Landing Battalion
  • 17th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
  • Airmobile Recon Company
  • Engineer Company
  • Chemical Company
  • Medical Company
  • Maintenance Company
  • Supply Company

79th Airmobile Brigade (Solyanu)

  • Aviation Regiment
  • 1st Airmobile Battalion
  • 2nd Airmobile Battalion
  • 3rd Airmobile Battalion
  • Artillery Company
  • Rocket Artillery Company
  • Anti-Aircraft Company
  • Recon Company
  • Engineer Company
  • Chemical Company
  • Signal Company
  • Maintenance Company

92nd Mechanized Brigade (Bashkurivka)

  • 91st Engineering Regiment
  • 1835th Artillery Regiment

93rd Mechanized Brigade (Cherkaske)

  • 87th Armored Battalion
  • 110th Mechanized Regiment
  • Mechanized Regiment
  • 529th Mechanized Regiment
  • 198th Artillery Regiment
  • 16th Recon Battalion
  • 446th Anti-Tank Battalion
  • 108th Engineer Battalion
  • 133rd Chemical Battalion
  • 166th Signal Battalion
  • 89th Medical Battalion
  • 1119th Combat Service Support Battalion

8th Army Corps (Zhytomyr)

  • 1st Armored Brigade (Honcharivske)
  • 26th Artillery Brigade
  • 3rd Army Aviation Regiment

30th Mechanized Brigade (Novohrad-Volynskyi)

  • 276th Armored Regiment
  • 282nd Armored Regiment
  • 325th Armored Regiment
  • 319th Mechanized Regiment
  • 855th Guards Artillery Regiment
  • 937th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 54th Guards Recon Battalion
  • 151st Guards Combat Engineer Battalion
  • 404th Chemical Battalion
  • 214th Guards signal Battalion
  • 112th Medical Battalion
  • 108th Maintenance Battalion
  • 1043rd Combat Service Support Battalion

72nd Guards Mechanized Brigade (Bila Tserkva)

  • 59th Armored Battalion
  • 72nd Tank Battalion
  • 224th Mechanized Regiment
  • 229th Mechanized Regiment
  • 155th Artillery Regiment
  • 1129th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 117th Recon Battalion
  • 1345th Anti-Tank Battalion
  • 220th Engineer Battalion
  • 23rd Chemical Battalion
  • 538th Signal Battalion
  • 149th Medical Battalion
  • 280th Maintenance Battalion
  • 892nd Combat Service Support Battalion

95th Airmobile Brigade (Zhytomyr)

  • Commandant Platoon
  • 11th Airmobile Battalion
  • 12th Airmobile Battalion
  • 13th Airmobile Battalion
  • Artillery Battalion
  • Anti-Tank Battalion
  • Recon Battalion
  • Combat Engineer Company
  • Chemical Platoon
  • Field Signal Platoon
  • Supply Battalion

13th Army Corps (Rovno)

  • 11th Artillery Brigade

24th Mechanized Brigade (Yavarov)

  • 181st Armored Regiment
  • 7th Mechanized Regiment
  • 274th Mechanized Regiment
  • 310th Mechanized Regiment
  • 849th Artillery Regiment
  • 7th Army Aviation Regiment
  • 29th Recon Battalion
  • 306th Engineer Battalion
  • 30th Chemical Battalion
  • 56th Signal Battalion
  • 396th Combat Service Support Battalion

51st Mechanized Brigade (Volodymyr-Volynskyi)

  • 50th Armored Battalion
  • 44th Mechanized Regiment
  • 47th Mechanized Regiment
  • 170th Mechanized Regiment
  • 43rd Artillery Regiment
  • 59th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 21th Recon Battalion
  • 11th Engineer Battalion
  • 25th Signal Battalion
  • 309th Combat Service Support Battalion

128th Mechanized Brigade (Mukachevo)

  • 398th Armored Regiment
  • 315th Mechanized Regiment
  • 327th Mechanized Regiment
  • 487th Mechanized Regiment
  • 15th Mountain Infantry Battalion
  • 331st Artillery Regiment
  • 10th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
  • 47th Recon Battalion
  • 757th Anti-Tank Battalion



APC's and IFV's

Combat Helicopters



Note: This list does not include other anti-aircraft systems employed by the air defence forces

Small arms

Russian Federation

Forces in Crimea


  • Crimea Mar 15, 2014
  • In Crimea Kerch ferry through the composition of the 25 cars delivered anti-aircraft missile battalion S-300 consisting of 4 x batteries. With him came engineering equipment - 4 armored tractor, mobile diesel generators, tankers and 4 of the UAZ. Around 6 pm the train arrived in the village Guards.


  • Crimea March 15, 2014
  • shows BM-27 220mm Multiple Launch Rocket System, on railway in Lenine, Crimea, Ukraine.

Forces moving towards Crimea


  • Mar 8, 2014
  • highway Krasnodar - Novorossiysk to Crimea

Russian Air Force

Lipetsk Air Base (968th Interceptor Aviation Regiment 35x MiG-29)<ref>Guess</ref>

Akhtubinsk Airport (State Flight Test Center 12x Su-35, 24x Su-33)<ref>Guess</ref>

Engels Air Base (121st Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment 14x Tu-160 ; 184th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment 20x Tu-95 ; 6950th Aviation Base 12x Tu-22M-3)

Krymsk Air Base (6972nd Guards Aviation Base 36x Su-27, 6x Su-27UB, 20x Mi-24, 16x Mi-8, 4x Ka-27, 3x Mi-28)

Budyonnovsk Air Base (6971st Airbase 33x Su-25, 7x Su-24MR, 6x Su-25SM)

Primorsko-Akhtarsk Air Base (6973rd Airbase 31x Su-25, 21x MiG-29)

Millerovo Air Base (6969th Air Base 36x MiG-29, 6x MiG-29UB)

Erebuni Airport (3624th Air Base 16x MiG-29, 16x MiG-29S)<ref>http://nosint.blogspot.ca/2014/03/russia-reinforces-armenian-base-with.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter</ref>

Voronezh Baltimor Air Base (7000th Guards Airbase 15x Su-24M, 15x Su-24MP, 15x Su-34)

Kubinka Air Base (164th Separate Guard Reconnaissance Regiment 6x IL-20M)

Black Sea Fleet

11th Anti-submarine Ship Brigade (At Sevastopol Harbor)
# Type Name Class Year Status
121 Guided Missile Cruiser Moskva Slava 1983
713 Large ASW Ship Kerch Kara 1974
810 Guided Missile Destroyer Smetlivy Kashin 1969
801 Guided Missile Frigate Ladnyy Krivak 1978
808 Guided Missile Frigate Pytlivyy Krivak 1979
197th Assault Ship Brigade
# Type Name Class Year Status
102 Landing Ship Kaliningrad Ropucha-I 1984

Leaving Sevastopol Bay 4:00 AM 3/5/2014

LAST SPOTTED "unloaded 17 trucks (URAL) and 2 BTR-80s in Crimea." 9:00 AM PST 3/7/2014

Usually attached to Baltic Fleet.

152 Landing Ship Nikolay Filchenkov Alligator 1975
148 Landing Ship Orsk Alligator 1968
150 Landing Ship Saratov Alligator 1966
151 Landing Ship Azov Ropucha-II 1990
142 Landing Ship Novocherkassk Ropucha-I 1987
158 Landing Ship Tsezar Kunikov Ropucha-I 1986 LAST SPOTTED blockading Sevastopol Bay 4:00 AM 3/5/2014
156 Landing Ship Yamal Ropucha-I 1988 Transited into Black Sea 3/5/2014
247th Independent Submarine Division
# Type Name Class Year Base Status
554 Diesel Attack Submarine Alrosa (B-871) Kilo 1990 Sevastopol

68th Coastal Defense Ship Brigade

  • Most likely two Grisha Corvettes blockading Sevastopol bay as of 4:30 AM 3/6/2014
400th Antisubmarine Ship Division (Blockading Sevastopol Harbor)
# Type Name Class Year Status
059 ASW Corvette Alexandrovets Grisha I 1982 LAST SPOTTED entering Sevastopol
053 ASW Corvette Povorino Grisha III 1989
071 ASW Corvette Suzdalets Grisha III 1983
064 ASW Corvette Muromets Grisha III 1983
418th Minesweeper Division (Blockading Sevastopol Harbor)
# Type Name Class Year Status
913 Seagoing Minesweeper Kovrovets Natya I 1974
911 Seagoing Minesweeper Ivan Golubets Natya I 1973
912 Seagoing Minesweeper Turbinist Natya I 1972 LAST SPOTTED blockading Sevastopol bay in Crimea 4:30 AM 3/6/2014
909 Seagoing Minesweeper Vice Admiral Zhukov Natya I 1977

41st Missile Boat Brigade

166th Novorossiysk Small Missile Boat Division
# Type Name Class Year Status
615 Guided Missile Corvette Bora Dergach 1988
616 Guided Missile Corvette Samum Dergach 1991
620 Guided Missile Corvette Shtyl Nanuchka-III 1976
617 Guided Missile Corvette Mirazh Nanuchka-III 1983
295th Sulinsk Missile Boat Division
# Type Name Class Year Status
955 Missile Boat R-60 Tarantul-III Mod 1985
962 Missile Boat R-71 Tarantul-II Mod 1985
952 Missile Boat R-109 Tarantul-III 1991
953 Missile Boat R-239 Tarantul-III 1991
954 Missile Boat Ivanovets Tarantul-III 1988
184th Novorossiysk Coastal Defense Brigade
# Type Name Class Year Status
054 Small Antisubmarine Ship Eysk Grisha-III 1987
055 Small Antisubmarine Ship Kasimov Grisha-III 1984
901 Seagoing Minesweeper Zheleznyakov Gorya-class 1988
770 Seagoing Minesweeper Valentin Pikul' Natya I Mod 2001
426 Base Minesweeper Mineralnyye Vody Sonya-class 1990
438 Base Minesweeper Leytenant Ilyin Sonya-class 1982

Black Sea Fleet Air Arm

  • Gvardeyskoe Air Base (43rd Independent Naval Shturmovik 18x Su-24M, 4x Su-24MR)
  • Kacha Air Base (25th Independent Anti-submarine Helicopter Regiment 10x Ka-27, 10x Mi-14 ; 917th Independent Composite Air Regiment 5x An-2, 5x An-12, 5x An-26, 10x Mi-8)

810th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade

  • 880 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion
    • 10x 880 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-80 APC x 3)
    • 1x 880 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-80 APC x 3 + ATGM)
    • 1x 880 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion Mortar Plt (120mm Mortar x 3)
  • 881 Separate Assault Battalion
    • 10x 881 Separate Assault Battalion Mech Inf Plt (BMP-2 IFV x 3)
    • 1x 881 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion Mortar Plt (120mm Mortar x 3)
  • 888 Separate Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 6x 888 Separate Reconnaissance Battalion Mech Inf Plt (BMP-2 IFV x 3)
    • 3x 888 Separate Reconnaissance Battalion Inf Plt (Recon)
  • 1613 Separate Artillery Battery
    • 3x 1613 Separate Artillery Battery Arty Bty (122mm/36 2S1 Gvozdika M1974 Self-Propelled Howitzer x 6)
  • 1619 Separate Air-Defense Artillery Battery
    • 2x 1619 Separate Air-Defense Artillery Battery AAA Plt/2 (23mm ZSU-23-2 BTR-ZD x 2)
    • 2x 1619 Separate Air-Defense Artillery Battery SAM Plt (SA-13 Gopher [9K35 Strela-10])
    • 1x 1619 Separate Air-Defense Artillery Battery Radar (Dog Ear [9S80])

United States of America

USN Assets in Black Sea

USN Assets Possibly/Rumored in Black Sea or recently in Black Sea

Nearest US Aircraft Carrier (CVN 77 George H.W. Bush)

  • Currently close enough to Crimea perform strikes (~450nm-600nm away) without entering Black Sea.

Carrier Strike Group 2


Romanian Navy

  • Torpedo Boats
    • F-202 Smeul
    • F-204 Vijelia
    • F-209 Vulcanul
  • Minesweepers
    • F-24 Lt. Remus Lepri
    • F-25 Lt. Lupu Dinescu
    • F-29 Lt. Dimitrie Nicolescu
    • F-30 Slt. Alexandru Axente
  • Minelayer
    • F-274 Vice-Amiral Constantin Bălescu


Bulgarian Navy



  • Mar 14, 2014
  • U.S. F-16 fighter jets landed at Poland's Lask air base on Thursday (March 13) in a gesture of support for NATO's eastern members after Russia's intervention in Ukraine, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw said.