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"The BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-11) is the current flagship, and the largest capital warship of the Philippine Navy. It is also the last Destroyer Escort / Frigate in its fleet, and is considered as one of the oldest active ships of the fleet, and in the world. She is one of three ex-USN Cannon-class destroyer escorts that served the Philippine Navy, the others being BRP Datu Sikatuna (PF-5/PS-77) and BRP Datu Kalantiaw (PS-76).

Her current classification is Patrol Frigate. As recent as 2008 she was still spotted and confirmed to operate from the Philippine Navy's main naval base in Cavite and visits the Navy Headquarters in Manila. She is currently assigned to the Patrol Force of the Philippine Fleet, and is assigned as the current flagship of the Philippine Navy.

She was commissioned to the Philippine Navy in 1980 as the RPS Rajah Humabon (PS-78), and formed the backbone of the Philippine Fleet together with two of her sister ships and other ex-US Navy destroyer escorts. She was reclassified as BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-11), now using the "BRP" ship naming standard and carrying a "Frigate" classification, and served until 1993 when she was retired. But due to pressing needs, she was later called back into service in 1995." (Information courtesy of Wikipedia)

In June 2008, BRP Rajah Humabon PF-11 remains on the list of Philippine Navy "Commissioned Ships and Craft". The list is available on the Philippine Navy website.