Czech OOB 2014

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Czech Armed Forces 2014

Czech Air Force, HQ Praha

Unit Base Type Role
21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav
211th Tactical Squadron Čáslav 12 x JAS-39C, 2x JAS-39D Multirole fighter
212th Tactical Squadron Čáslav 16 x L-159A ALCA Multirole fighter
213th Training Squadron Čáslav 5x L-159T1 ALCA, 4x L-39ZA Training
22nd Helicopter Base Náměšť nad Oslavou
221st Helicopter Squadron Náměšť nad Oslavou 17x(10 in service) Mi-24V (Hind-E), Mi-24DU (Hind-D), Mi-35 (Hind-E) Combat/transport helicopters
222nd Helicopter Squadron Náměšť nad Oslavou 15 x Mi-171Sh (Hip) Combat/transport helicopters
24th Air Transportation Base Praha–Kbely
241st Transport Squadron Praha–Kbely 2x A319CJ, 1x CL-601-3A, 1x Yak-40 (Codling), 1x Yak-40K (Codling) Transport aircraft
242nd Transport and Special Squadron Praha–Kbely 4x CASA C-295, 2x L-410 FG/ 2x L-410 UVP Transport aircraft
243rd Helicopter Squadron Praha–Kbely 3x Mi-8S (Hip),1x Mi-8P, 5x Mi-17 (Hip),9x W-3A Transport helicopters
Plzeň SAR Detachment Plzeň 1X W-3A Transport helicopters
25th Air Defence Missile Regiment Strakonice 4x battery 2K12 (SA-6 Gainful), 2x battery S-10M (SA-13 Gopher), 8x RBS-70 SAM regiment
26th Air Command, Control and Surveillance Regiment Stará Boleslav P37 (Bar Lock), PRV-17 (Odd Group), ST-68U CZ (Tin Shield), RL-4AS, RAT31 DL EW, Traffic control
261st Control and Warning Centre Stará Boleslav
262nd Electronic Intelligence Battalion Stará Boleslav EW
1st Air Surveillance Company Nepolisy RAT-31DL EW
2nd Air Surveillance Company Polička P-37 (Bar Lock), PRV-17 (Odd Group) EW
3rd Air Surveillance Company Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí ST-68U CZ (Tin Shield),P-37 (Bar Lock), PRV-17 (Odd Group) EW
4th Air Surveillance Company Sokolnice RAT-31DL EW
5th Air Surveillance Company Třebotovice ST-68U CZ (Tin Shield),P-37 (Bar Lock), PRV-17 (Odd Group) EW
6th Air Surveillance Company Křízenec ST-68U CZ (Tin Shield),P-37 (Bar Lock), PRV-17 (Odd Group) EW
7th Air Surveillance Company Hrušovany P-37 (Bar Lock), PRV-17 (Odd Group) EW
Company Provision Reserve Place Command Post Větrušice Alternate command post

Czech Land Forces, HQ Praha

Unit Base Primary Equipment
4th Rapid Deployment Brigade Žatec
41st Mechanised Battalion Žatec Pandur II 8x8
42nd Mechanised Battalion Tábor Pandur II 8x8
43rd Airborne Battalion Chrudim Infantry weapons
44th Light Motorised Battalion Jindřichův Hradec Pandur II 8x8
7th Mechanised Brigade Hranice
71st Mechanised Battalion Hranice BMP-2
72nd Mechanised Battalion Přáslavice BMP-2
73rd Tank Battalion Přáslavice T72M4-CZ, BMP-2
74th Light Motorised Battalion Bučovice Pandur II 8x8
13th Artillery Regiment Jince
131st Artillery Battalion Jince 152mm SpGH DANA
132nd Artillery Battalion Jince 152mm SpGH DANA
15th Engineer Regiment Bechyně
151st Engineer Battalion Bechyně
153rd Engineer Battalion Olomouc
31st NBC defense regiment Liberec
311th NBC defense battalion Liberec
312th NBC defense battalion Liberec
53rd Recon & EW Regiment Opava
532nd EW Battalion Opava
102nd Reconnaissance Battalion Prostějov LD Defender