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Aircraft Types

Multirole (Fighter/Attack)
Anti-Satellite Interceptor (ASAT)
Airborne Laser Platform
Wild Weasel
Battlefield Air Interdiction (BAI/CAS)
Electronic Warfare
Airborne Early Warning (AEW)
Airborne Command Post (ACP)
Search And Rescue (SAR)
Mine Sweeper (MCM)
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)
Forward Observer
Area Surveillance
Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
Naval Utility
Tanker (Air Refueling)
Target Towing
Target Drone
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV)

Ship Types

CV - Aircraft Carrier
CVA - Attack Carrier
CVB - Large Aircraft Carrier
CVE - Escort Aircraft Carrier
CVGH - Guided Missile Helicopter Carrier
CVH - Helicopter Carrier
CVL - Light Aircraft Carrier
CVN - Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
CVS - Seaplane Carrier
CVS - Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier
B - Battleship
BB - Battleship
BBC - Command Battleship
BBG - Guided Missile Battleship
BBH - Helicopter Battleship
BCGN - Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Battle Cruiser
BM - Monitor
C - Cruiser
CA - Heavy Cruiser
CAG - Heavy Guided Missile Cruiser
CB - Large Cruiser
CBG - Large Guided Missile Cruiser
CG - Guided Missile Cruiser
CGH - Guided Missile Helicopter Cruiser
CGN - Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser
CL - Light Cruiser
CLAA - Light Anti-Aircraft Cruiser
CLC - Light Command Cruiser
CLG - Light Guided Missile Cruiser
CLH - Light Helicopter Cruiser
CS - Scout Cruiser
D - Destroyer
DD - Destroyer
DDG - Guided Missile Destroyer
DDH - Helicopter Destroyer
DDK - ASW Submarine Killer Destroyer
DDR - Radar Picket Destroyer
DE - Destroyer Escort
DEG - Guided Missile Destroyer Escort
DER - Radar Picket Destroyer Escort
DL - Destroyer
DLG - Guided Missile Destroyer
DM - Destroyer Minelayer (converted destroyer)
F - Frigate
FF - Frigate
FFG - Guided Missile Frigate
FFL - Corvette
PF - Patrol Frigate
LCS - Littoral Combat Ship
OPV - Offshore Patrol Vessel
PB - Patrol Boat
PC - Coastal Patrol Boat
PC - Submarine Chaser
PCE - Submarine Chaser Escort
PCF - Fast Patrol Craft
PCFG - Fast Guided Missile Patrol Craft
PG - Patrol Gunboat
PG - Corvette
PGM - Missile Gunboat
PH - Hydrofoil Gunboat
PHM - Missile Hydrofoil
PHT - Hydrofoil Torpedo Boat
PT - Patrol Torpedo Boat
PTS - Patrol Torpedo Boat Small
MTB - Motor Torpedo Boat
WHEC - Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter
WMEC - Coast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter
WPB - Coast Guard Patrol Boat
WPG - Coast Guard Patrol Gunboat
MCDV - Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel
AGF - Fleet Flagship
AGC - Amphibious Fleet Flagship
LCAC - Air Cushion Landing Craft
LCC - Amphibious Command Vessel
LCM - Mechanized Landing Craft
LCP - Personnel Landing Craft
LCT - Tank Landing Craft
LCU - Utility Landing Craft
LCVP - Vehicle and Personnel Landing Craft
LFR - Inshore Fire Support Vessel
LHA - Amphibious Assault Ship, General Purpose
LHD - Amphibious Assault Ship, Multi-purpose
LKA - Amphibious Cargo Vessel
LPD - Amphibious Transport Dock Vessel
LPH - Amphibious Assault Helicopter Carrier
LSD - Dock Landing Ship
LSH - Unknown! British Designation!
LSL - Landing Ships Logistic
LSM - Medium Landing Ship
LSM(R) - Medium Landing Ship, Rocket
LST - Tank Landing Ship
LSU - Utility Landing Ship
LSV - Vehicle Landing Ship
LCI - Landing Craft, Infantry
LSDV - Saboteur Infiltration Craft
LCPA - Personnel Landing Craft, Air-Cushioned
EPF - Expeditionary Fast Transport
ESD - Expeditionary Transfer Dock
ESB - Expeditionary Mobile Base
A - Auxiliary
AD - Destroyer Tender
AE - Ammunition Ship
AF - Refrigerated Stores Ship
AFS - Combat Stores Ship
AG - Generic Auxiliary
AGB - Heavy Icebreaker
AGF - Fleet Flagship
AGI - Intelligence Gathering Ship
AGMR - Communications Major Relay Ship
AGOR - Oceanographic Research Ship
AGOS - Ocean Surveillance Ship
AGR - Radar Picket Ship (converted cargo ship)
AGS - Surveying Ship
AGTR - Technical Research Ship
AH - Hospital Ship
AK - Cargo Ship
AKA - Attack Cargo Ship
AKE - Dry Cargo Ship
AKR - Roll-on/Roll-off Cargo Ship
AKS - General Stores Ship
AO - Fleet Oiler
AOE - Fast Combat Support Ship
AOL - Small Oiler
AOR - Replenishment Oiler
AOT - Transport Oiler
APA - Attack Personnel Transport Ship
APD - Troop Transport (High Speed)
AR - Repair Ship
AS - Submarine Tender
ATC - Armored Troop Carrier (Tango Boat)
ATA - Auxiliary Ocean Tug
ATS - Salvage Tug
AV - Seaplane Tender
AX - Training Vessel
ASR - Submarine Rescue Ship
AP - Personnel Transport Ship
DSV - Diving Support Vessel / Deep Submergence Vehicle
AGM - Missile Range instrumentation Ship
T-AGOS - MSC Ocean Surveillance Ship
T-AH - MSC Hospital Ship
T-AK - Cargo Ship
T-AKE - MSC Dry Cargo Ship
T-AKR - MSC Roll-on/Roll-off Cargo Ship
T-AO - MSC Fleet Oiler
T-AO - MSC Transport Oiler
T-MLP - MSC Mobile Landing Platforms
MCD - Mine Countermeasures Drone
MCM - Mine Countermeasures Ship
MCS - Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
MHC - Coastal Minehunter
ML - Minelayer
MSC - Coastal Minesweeper
MSF - Steel Hull Fleet Minesweeper
MSI - Inshore Minesweeper
MSO - Ocean Minesweeper
MST - Minesweeper Tender
MHI - Mine Hunter Inshore
MM - Controlled Minefield Tender
YAG - Miscellaneous Service Craft
YRT - Torpedo Retriever
YRM - Missile Retriever
NGS Buoy
Bottom Fixed Array Sonar
Moored Sonobuoy
Special (Land Unit/Satellite)
Mobile Offshore Base (MOB)

Submarine Types

AGSS - Auxilary/Experimental Submarine
APSS - Auxiliary Cargo Submarine
SS - Attack/Fleet Submarine
SSB - Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSBN - Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSG - Guided Missile Attack Submarine
SSGN - Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Attack Submarine
SSK - Hunter-Killer Submarine
SSM - Midget Submarine
SSN - Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine
SSP - Transport Submarine
SSR - Radar Picket Submarine
SSRN - Nuclear Powered Radar Picket Submarine
SDV - Swimmer Delivery Vehicle
ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle
UUV - Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
False Target