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Land Units




Air Force Aircraft

Type Category Name Listing Last Upgrade Next Upgrade Database
Fighter Fixed Wing Hunter F.58 1960 0 CWDB
Fighter Fixed Wing Venom FB.Mk50 1949 0 CWDB
Multirole (Fighter/Attack) Fixed Wing F-5E Tiger II 1979 0 DB3K
Multirole (Fighter/Attack) Fixed Wing F-5F Tiger II 1979 0 DB3K
Multirole (Fighter/Attack) Fixed Wing F/A-18C Hornet 2008 0 DB3K
Multirole (Fighter/Attack) Fixed Wing F/A-18D Hornet 2008 0 DB3K
Attack Fixed Wing Hunter Mk58A 1986 1993 DB3K
Attack Fixed Wing Mirage IIIS 1990 1999 DB3K
Bomber Fixed Wing Vampire FB.Mk6 1949 0 CWDB
Recon Fixed Wing Mirage IIIRS 1966 2002 DB3K
Trainer Fixed Wing Hunter T.66 1955 0 CWDB




  • Database information: CWDB CWDB_445.db3 & DB3000 DB3K_446beta1.db3 by Ragnar Emsoy and Warfare Sims (Permission has been granted for this Baloogan Database Viewer to use DB3000) (The "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported" licence DOES NOT APPLY to database information, content, descriptions and images over which I make no claims of ownership! It does, however, apply to the code which displays the database information)
  • Images: stormridersp, fab94, renders, alkiap, sstrong, RoyHarper, Runibl, bradinggs, Steven Lohr, Jeff Leslie, Meroka37, conforoa, OldPascas, SilentHunter, snowburn, incredibletwo, Henry Morgan, fool12342000, Papa_Hausser, baskreuger
  • Descriptions: CV60, apd1004, El Savior, Steven Lohr, Jeff Leslie
  • Database viewer: Baloogan baloogan@gmail.com