El Salvador

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Land Units



El Salvador

Air Force Aircraft

Type Category Name Listing Last Upgrade Next Upgrade Database
Fighter Fixed Wing F-51D Mustang 1969 0 CWDB
Fighter Fixed Wing, Carrier Capable F4U-5 Corsair 1959 1976 CWDB
Attack Fixed Wing AT-6 Texan 1942 0 CWDB
Attack Fixed Wing CM.170-1 Magister 1973 0 CWDB
Attack Fixed Wing MD.450 Ouragan 1974 0 CWDB
Bomber Fixed Wing A-26C Invader 1969 1974 CWDB
Transport Fixed Wing C-47 Dakota 1947 0 CWDB

Army Aircraft

Type Category Name Listing Last Upgrade Next Upgrade Database
Transport Helicopter UH-1H Huey 1976 0 CWDB




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