Mk46 NEARTIP Mod 5

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#1647 - Mk46 NEARTIP Mod 5 -- 1984

Description:Weapon 1647

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General Data

Type: Torpedo Generation: None
Length: 2.6 m
Span: 0.324 m
Diameter: 0.324 m
Weight: 235 kg
Burnout Weight:
Cruise Altitude:
Waypoint Number:
Air PK:
Surface PK:
Subsurface PK: 75 %
ClimbRate: 30 m/s
Air Min Range: Air Max Range:
Surface Min Range: Surface Max Range:
Subsurface Min Range: Subsurface Max Range: 4 nm
LaunchSpeedMin: LaunchSpeedMax:
LaunchAltitudeMin: LaunchAltitudeMax: 304.8 m
TargetSpeedMin: TargetSpeedMax:
TargetAltitudeMin: TargetAltitudeMax:
CanActAsSensor: False
MaxFlightTime: DetonationDelay:
AllocationAircraftTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationAircraftTargets) AllocationHelicopterTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationHelicopterTargets)
AllocationGuidedWeaponTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationGuidedWeaponTargets) AllocationUnknownAirTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationUnknownAirTargets)
AllocationUnknownShipTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationUnknownShipTargets) AllocationUnknownFacilityTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationUnknownFacilityTargets)
TorpedoSpeedCruise: 45 TorpedoSpeedFull:
TorpedoRangeCruise: 6 TorpedoRangeFull:


Name ID Number Damage Points Type Explosives Type
Mk46 NEARTIP (44kg/98lb PBXN-103) Torpedo 487 1 74.8 Torpedo HE (kg), PBXN-1XX


Search Pattern

Bearing-Only Launch (BOL)


Name Type Role Max Range (nm) Arc
Torpedo Seeker Hull Sonar, Active/Passive Torpedo Seeker, Active/Passive

Submarine Search

Range Information

Altitude Information

Speed Information

Heading Information


Signature Type Front Side Rear
nm for Visual/Pac dBsm for Radar db for Sonar
Passive Sonar, VLF (0-1000 Hz, 200 Hz Center Frequency) 115 116 117

Passive Sonar, LF (1-5 KHz, 3 KHz Center Frequency) 85.5 86 87

Passive Sonar, MF (5-10 KHz, 7.5 KHz Center Frequency) 77.5 78 79

Passive Sonar, HF (10-500 KHz, 20 KHz Center Frequency) 69 70 71

Active Sonar, VLF-HF (0-500 KHz) 8 40 8

Visual Detection Range 0 0 0

Visual Classification Range 0 0 0

Infrared Detection Range 0 0 0

Infrared Classification Range 0 0 0

Radar, A-D Band (30-2000 MHz) 0 0 0

Radar, E-M Band (2-100 GHz) 0 0 0


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Name Type Range (nm) Channels


Engines Type Loiter Speed (kts) Cruise Speed (kts) Military Speed (kts) Afterburner Speed (kts)
Torpedo Engine Torpedo Engine 36 45


Fuel Type Quantity (kg)
Torpedo Fuel 480


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