SS-N-12 Sandbox Mod 1 [P-500 Bazalt]

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#140 - SS-N-12 Sandbox Mod 1 [P-500 Bazalt] -- 1976

Description:Weapon 140

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General Data

Type: Guided Weapon Generation: None
Length: 11.7 m
Span: 2.6 m
Diameter: 0.88 m
Weight: 4800 kg
Burnout Weight:
Cruise Altitude:
Waypoint Number:
Air PK:
Surface PK: 85 %
Subsurface PK:
ClimbRate: 457.2 m/s
Air Min Range: Air Max Range:
Surface Min Range: 10 nm Surface Max Range: 300 nm
Subsurface Min Range: Subsurface Max Range:
LaunchSpeedMin: LaunchSpeedMax:
LaunchAltitudeMin: LaunchAltitudeMax:
TargetSpeedMin: TargetSpeedMax:
TargetAltitudeMin: TargetAltitudeMax:
CanActAsSensor: False
MaxFlightTime: DetonationDelay:
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AllocationUnknownShipTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationUnknownShipTargets) AllocationUnknownFacilityTargets: DataInvoker Error: getData error: No such key in handle (AllocationUnknownFacilityTargets)
TorpedoSpeedCruise: TorpedoSpeedFull:
TorpedoRangeCruise: TorpedoRangeFull:


Name ID Number Damage Points Type Explosives Type
SS-N-12 500kg SAP 760 1 630 Semi Armor-Piercing (SAP) HE (kg), TNT (Trinitrotoluene)


Home On Jam (HOJ)

Search Pattern

Bearing-Only Launch (BOL)

Weapon - INS Navigation

Level Cruise Flight


Name Type Role Max Range (nm) Arc
Passive Radar Seeker ESM Weapon Seeker, Anti-Radiation 10

Active Radar Seeker Radar Weapon Seeker, Active Radar

Surface Search

Range Information

Speed Information

Heading Information

Generic DECM (Average) ECM DECM, Defensive ECM 0


Signature Type Front Side Rear
nm for Visual/Pac dBsm for Radar db for Sonar
Passive Sonar, VLF (0-1000 Hz, 200 Hz Center Frequency) 0 0 0

Passive Sonar, LF (1-5 KHz, 3 KHz Center Frequency) 0 0 0

Passive Sonar, MF (5-10 KHz, 7.5 KHz Center Frequency) 0 0 0

Passive Sonar, HF (10-500 KHz, 20 KHz Center Frequency) 0 0 0

Active Sonar, VLF-HF (0-500 KHz) 0 0 0

Visual Detection Range 1.38 3.76 1.38

Visual Classification Range 0.86 2.3 1.26

Infrared Detection Range 1.65 6.85 11.64

Infrared Classification Range 0.86 2.3 0.86

Radar, A-D Band (30-2000 MHz) -1.3 1.3 -1.3

Radar, E-M Band (2-100 GHz) -1.3 1.3 -1.3


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Name Type Range (nm) Channels
ASM/SSM Missile Datalink ASM/SSM Weapon Link (Soviet/Russia) 350 1


Engines Type Loiter Speed (kts) Cruise Speed (kts) Military Speed (kts) Afterburner Speed (kts)
KR17-300 Turbojet 1450


Fuel Type Quantity (kg)
Aviation Fuel 823


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