Mi-8MTV Hip H

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#2673 - Mi-8MTV Hip H -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 1992-0, -

Description:Aircraft 2673

Description:Listing Aircraft 2673

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General Data

Country: Russia [1992-] Service: Russia (1992-) Army
Category: Helicopter Aircraft size: Large Aircraft (Length 18.1-26m)
Type: Transport Fighter Generation / Agility: 1 gen
Length: 18.2 m Average Climb Rate: 3 m/sec
Wingspan: 5.7 m Instantaneous Climb Rate, S/L: 9 m/sec
Height: 5.7 m Take-off/Landing Distance: 0m (VTOL) TOD/LAD
Crew: 2
Empty Weight: 7160 kg
Max Weight: 12000 kg
Payload Weight:


Night Navigation (Ferry, Air-to-Air, Air-to-Surface Missiles)

Bombsight - Ballistic Computing


Name Type Role Max Range (nm) Arc Search Arc Engage


Mount ROF Capacity Weapons, Sensors and Magazine Arc
12.7mm/50 MG (200 rnds) 5 10

Name Type DefaultLoad MaxLoad ROF Range Targets
12.7mm/50 MG Burst (20 rnds) Gun 10 10 5
Min Max
Surface 0 nm 1 nm
Land 0 nm 1 nm

Surface Vessel

Land Structure - Soft

Mobile Target - Soft


Name ID Role Ready
Time On
Time of Day Weather Weapons
(Reserve [Available]) 3 Reserve 180 0 0 n/a n/a
Quantity Name Type Range Targets

(Maintenance [Unavailable]) 4 Unavailable 0 0 0 n/a n/a
Quantity Name Type Range Targets

Troops, 12x, S-5K 57mm Rockets 4545 BAI/CAS 360 120 0 Day-only Limited all-weather

Quantity Name Type Range Targets
12 Trooper Troops
Min Max

32 S-5K 57mm Rocket Rocket
Min Max
Surface 0 nm 2 nm
Land 0 nm 2 nm

Surface Vessel

Land Structure - Soft

Land Structure - Hardened

Mobile Target - Soft

Mobile Target - Hardened

Troops, 24x 8663 Troop Transport 120 240 0 Day and night All-weather

Quantity Name Type Range Targets
24 Trooper Troops
Min Max

Cargo, 4 tons 8664 Cargo Transport 120 220 0 Day and night All-weather

Quantity Name Type Range Targets
1 Cargo (Air Drop, 4 tons) Cargo
Min Max

(Ferry) 8665 Ferry 30 520 0 Day and night All-weather

Quantity Name Type Range Targets
2 900 liter Ferry Tank Ferry Tank
Min Max


Signature Type Front Side Rear Top
nm for Visual/IR dBsm for Radar db for Sonar
Visual Detection Range 2.45 6.69 2.45 6.69

Visual Classification Range 1.39 3.73 2.25 3.73

Infrared Detection Range 2.45 8.39 12.15 8.39

Infrared Classification Range 1.39 3.73 1.39 3.73

Radar, A-D Band (30-2000 MHz) 4.3 6.6 4.3 7.1

Radar, E-M Band (2-100 GHz) 4.3 6.6 4.3 6.6


Name Type Range (nm) Channels
UHF/VHF Radio (Unsecure) Radio 100 2


Engines Type Loiter Speed (kts) Cruise Speed (kts) Military Speed (kts) Afterburner Speed (kts)
2x TV2-117A Helo Turboshaft 55 130 135


Fuel Type Quantity (kg)
Aviation Fuel 1495


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